Mastering Digital SLR Photography

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Mastering Digital SLR Photography
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Photography with digital SLR and ?slr-like? cameras isn?t exactly like conventional film SLR photography. Nor is it exactly like digital photography with non-Slr cameras. The DSLR has special advantages, special features, and special proble... Read more Inappropriate

Mastering Digital SLR

Cisco Optimizing Converged Networks Vol 2

You will learn about the new Cisco Intelligent Information Network (IIN) model and the Cisco Service-Oriented Network Architecture (SONA) as architectural frameworks for converged.

TCP/IP Sockets in C#

Practical Guide for Programmers

Business Planning

There is a whole host of reasons to justify the preparation of business plans, not just for business start-up enterprises, but as a model of good practice for established organizations. Any one of these reasons in its own right should make the planning process a worthwhile exercise, if it is done properly. However, the important thing to remember, is that just producing a good business plan alone, will not result in a sound, profitable or prosperous business. The business plan is just that – a plan – and like any other plan, the only way to see if it really works is to monitor its progress at regular intervals, so that you can respond to any potential problems which may arise and then change or modify your business strategy as necessary. So, let us have a look at some of the reasons why people take the trouble to produce business plans.

File Management

Files, Folders, and Drives. Computer disks are capable of storing an enormous amount of information—both data and programs. In order to facilitate access to this information, Windows XP, with your help, organizes it into files and folders. In this section, we will discuss these concepts.

N95 Service Manual

I Love My Nokia N95 8GB

Atlas Of Human Skeletal Anatomy

Atlas Of Human Skeletal Anatomy

Hakin 9 Dangerous Google Searching for Secrets

Dangerous Google Searching for Secrets

Smart Computing May 2007

Volume 18 Issue 5

Figure Drawing with Virtual Models

Figure drawing is an old, well-established aspect of art. It has been around for centuries, dating all the way back to the earliest cave paintings. As art has advanced over the ages, artists have spent countless hours trying to master the drawing of the figure. Today, the demand for believable figure art has never been stronger.

PC World (March 2008)

Volume 26, Number 3

Smart Computing - Fix Your Own PC

Reference Series Volume 11, Issue 1, Computers are wonderful tools that occasionally refuse to work the way they should. When something does go wrong, you can avoid frustrating (and costly) downtime by learning to fix your own PC. Use the basic troubleshooting techniques and step-bystep instructions in this issue to solve hundreds of common hardware and software problems.

PC World (April 2008)

Volume 26, Number 4

Dreamweaver CS3 The Missing Manual Part 1

The World Wide Web continues to evolve, growing in scope and complexity, with new technologies popping up every year to make the Web look and work better.

Langfords Advanced Photography 7th Edition

Ever since Michael Langford?s book, Advanced Photography, was first published in 1969, the book has inspired and educated many thousands of photographers. In the seventh edition the original text has been fully revised and updated while ensuring that the breadth of technical detail that was present in previous editions has been maintained.

Cisco Building Scalable Internetworks Vol 1

Simple routing protocols work well for simple network, but as networks grow and become more complex, it may be necessary to change routing protocols.

Cisco Building Scalable Internetworks Vol 2

Simple routing protocols work well for simple network, but as networks grow and become more complex, it may be necessary to change routing protocols.

Building a web Site with Ajax

The Visual Quickproject Guide you hold in your hands off ers a unique way to learn about new technologies. Instead of drowning you in theoretical possbilities and lengthy explanations, this Visual Quickproject Guide uses big illustrations coupled with clear, concise step-by-step instructions to show you how to complete a specifi c project in a matter of hours.

Digital Arts (March 2008)

The world's biggest creative design & technology magazine

Motor (February 2008)

Volume 209, Number 2

Computer Graphics World March 2007

Computer Graphics World

Microsoft Windows XP Registry Guide

The registry is the heart and soul of Microsoft Windows XP. In my other registry books, I said the same thing about the registry in every version of Windows since Microsoft Windows 95, and by the time you're finished reading this book, I hope you'll agree. The registry contains the configuration data that makes the operating system work. The registry enables developers to organize configuration data in ways that are impossible with other mechanisms, such as INI files. It's behind just about every feature in Windows XP that you think is cool. More importantly, it enables you to customize Windows XP in ways you can't through the user interface.

ride outerwear trial

ride outerwear trial

'Vista Capable' lawsuit against Microsoft

'Vista Capable' lawsuit against Microsoft now a class action. For example, one February 2007 exchange started with an e-mail to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer from board member Jon Shirley, who explained that he upgraded one of his computers to Windows Vista only to find it was experiencing compatibility problems with two of Microsoft's own MSN applications. Shirley wasn't upgrading his other computer because of a lack of hardware drivers. As many early Windows Vista users know, Shirley wasn't the only one experiencing those kinds of problems, especially in the initial months after release.

Motor (December 2007)

Volume 208, Number 6

Motor (March 2008)

Volume 209, Number 3

Coloring Book Detroit Auto Show

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