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Kristen's Illustrated Archive - Shannon - Offer Fun

Kristen's Illustrated Archive - Shannon - Offer Fun

Kristen's Illustrated Archive - Shannon - Offer

Kristen's Illustrated Archive - Shannon Shannon (M+/F, group, intr) By Shooter3704 ( I knew what was wrong with me. I was bored with my life. I'm Shannon, I'm twenty-seven and I'm single. I'm single because my ex-husband got as bored with me as I was with myself. I still can't imagine what took him so long to figure it out. Sam is a good guy and he certainly deserved more than I gave him. For a little over five years we both worked like dogs to make our small struggling company survive. Our marriage didn't work out, but our other hard work did. One day a large company offered us a pile of money to buy us out. Sam and I didn't have to give it much thought. We sold as quickly as we could. Sam was as fair as he could be. He split the money, and then just split. After the divorce, I tried the dating scene and I discovered that I didn't like the meat market approach to dating. I signed up on line with a dating service and that was even worse than the clubs. I like sex, but it has never been a driving force in my life. When Sam and I engaged in sex, I almost always enjoyed it. Even though I didn't always climax, sex was still nice. I invested my share of the money in solid, conservative investments just like myself and set out to wallow in my boredom. The income from the investments was plenty for me to live on. I had no need to work and I had found that work is boring, so I didn't work. Not so long ago an accurate characterization would have been boring, conservative and single. Yep, that was I - - BCS Shannon. I'm a pretty woman. I'm not silly or vain, but I can see in the mirror. Men have told me since I was a freshman in high school that I was pretty. My ex-husband told me many times how beautiful he thought I was. I have a nice figure, and I workout at a gym twice a week to keep file:///C|/xweb/free2find/erotic-stories/shannon.htm (1 of 18)2/21/2006 11:51:13 AM

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