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MARCH 3 | 6 – 10 PM

MARCH 3 | 6 – 10 PM Nimaitachidō tōsei gusoku armor (detail). Attributed: Myōchin Yoshimichi and Myōchin Munenori Muromachi period, ca. 1400 (helmet bowl); mid Edo period, 18th century (armor) Iron, shakudō, lacing, silver, wood, gold, brocade, fur, bronze, brass, leather. © The Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum, Dallas Photo: Brad Flowers. SAMURAI: ARMOR FROM THE ANN AND GABRIEL BARBIER-MUELLER COLLECTION O N V I E W T H R O U G H J U L Y 1 6 , 2 0 17 + Discounted tickets for Samurai are $5 + Traditional Japanese taiko drumming by Ken Koshio + Special tea ceremony performance by Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix and Chado Urasenke Tankokai of Arizona + Shakuhachi flute performances by Yujin Soku-Shin of Ancient Sounds of Peace + Mini meditation sound baths by Gold Lion Healing Arts + Ikebana of Arizona installation + Suzuyuki-Kai Japanese dance performance + Cash bar, free sake tasting, and more! FIRST FRIDAY AT PHOENIX ART MUSEUM IS SPONSORED BY Visit for details including parking and tickets. #phxartff #samuraiphxart

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