Building and Using Your Clay Oven

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Building and Using Your Clay Oven
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Home made bread, freshly baked and still warm to serve at the BBQ; pizzas served at the kids' parties or even a slow roasted joint of lamb? All are possible with Mike's step-by-step instructions on building and using your clay oven! Inappropriate
First Buy a Field

Before you can make your first recipe from home grown ingredients you will need to buy a field

The Downshifter's Cartoon Book

WHEN YOU THINK about it, anyone wanting to quit a comfortable, well-paid job with a pension and an expense account to go and work for nothing, knee deep in something, is comical and Les? cartoons certainly help us to see the funny side of most things that smallholders, downshifters and good lifers seem to get up to. As the house cartoonist for Home Farmer magazine many of you will already be familiar with Les? topical cartoons featuring many of the issues of the day seen from a downshifter?s point of view and this book is guaranteed to bring a laugh at the turn of each and every page. Les? sharp, inspired drawings and slyly topical captions take a gentle but loving dig at downshifters, townies and rural living and a rather less kind dig at red tape, politicians and anybody else who regularly gets on our wick.

The Secret Life of Cows

Cows can love, play games and form strong life-long friendships. They can sulk, hold grudges, they have preferences and can be vain. All these characteristics and more have been charted by Rosamund Young based on her experiences looking after the family farms´ herd at Kite´s Nest farm, a farm long regarded as a trailblazer of the organic movement. A book providing a fascinating insight into bovine behaviour including self-medication, family and herd relationships, communication, grieving and playing and makes for a highly readable and poignant study littered with anecdotes that will make the reader laugh, wonder and reflect. Certainly it will make you look at the domestic cow in a different light

A Guide to Traditional Pig Keeping

A fully illustrated and comprehensive reference book covering all aspects of traditional pig husbandry.

The Smallholder's Guide to Animal Ailments

Written by smallholders for smallholders, this book gives first hand experience of the common problems which, at one time or another, anyone looking after farm animals on a small-scale will meet up with and certainly should know what to look out for and how to take steps to treat and prevent them. It doesn?t in any way claim to replace the role of the vet but it does recognise that its readers will be in close daily contact with every animal in their care. They should therefore be in an ideal position to spot any early signs of trouble, often quite simply knowing that a particular animal is ?not quite themselves? which in itself calls for closer inspection.

An Introduction to Keeping Sheep

An Introduction to Keeping Sheep is a much acclaimed guide packed full of detailed information and solid, sensible advice with descriptive line drawings and superb colour photographs.

Not Just For Christmas

Aimed at the small-scale producer this comprehensive book, written by a leading expert in the field, covers all aspects of raising turkeys for pleasure or profit. It covers history, breeds, housing, equipment, breeding, feeding and development, diseases and ailments, legislation, sales and marketing, processing and despatching for the table, pets and exhibition birds. Hardback 160 pages

Raising Goats

Goats are one of the most practical additions to any smallholding or large garden. They are not only endearing and sociable, but also highly practical. Raising Goats is aimed at everyone from the first time goat keeper through to anyone thinking of developing a small, commercial enterprise in the 21st century. It covers choosing the correct breed, care, feeding, maintenance, housing and dealing with both routine and emergency veterinary care. Dairying, cheese making, shearing, spinning fibre, the production of meat and skins for home use, direct selling and compliance with the law, Defra and Animal Health issues are also featured in this comprehensive book.

Raising Chickens for Eggs and Meat

The fastest growing hobby right now according to research and press releases isn?t, as you may think, new age computer games involving ?dance mats? and telly top web cams, it is in fact the technology free pastime of urban chicken keeping!


Paul Peacock takes you on a trip down the supermarket aisles and shows you how you can make what you find on the shelves for a fraction of the cost!

Grow It Yourself

Fancy a bit of G.I.Y? In these days of concern about the rising cost of weekly food bills, chemicals in food and food miles, there is an increasing interest in turning over at least part of the garden into an allotment. However many people are still unsure of how to go about anything other than growing a couple of tomato plants in a grow bag. ?grow It Yourself? not only describes and illustrates a variety of crops that are just as easy to grow as your tomatoes, but also gives the ultimate encouragement on how to get started with plenty of ?how to? information on churning up your lawn and giving your veg the very best start in life. The book explores how to maximise your space, the equipment needed (apart from your own muscle power) to convert your garden of blooms (or weeds) into your very own allotment space and then covers the many principles of vegetable growing, covering all the essential fruit and veg that can be grown easily.

Home Farmer Magazine July 2011

Out every month, the magazine is aimed at anyone who wants to grow it, make it, cook it and eat it.

The Polytunnel Companion

All the dos and don?ts involved in choosing and constructing your tunnel. This book sets out to provide advice as well as guidance on areas that the potential user should consider including selection, ground and soil preparation, construction and on-going maintenance and repair. Paperback 136 pages

Flowerpot Farming

You don´t need acres of land or even a big garden to enjoy your own freshly picked produce. The balcony, back-yard, patio or even the doorstep can all be turned over to vegetable production, albeit on a small-scale.

Home Farmer Magazine - Online Sample Issue

A free, online sample issue of the national magazine Home Farmer. Out every month, the magazine is aimed at anyone who wants to grow it, make it, cook it and eat it.

The Medicine Garden

If you are interested in using plants for healing the body you should first look at what is growing around you ? in your garden, on the vegetable plot and in the hedgerows. As your arsenal of natural remedies expands you will find that you use over the counter medications for minor ailments less and less. So when the winter wind is howling and you are coming down with flu you can simply put the kettle on and take a spoonful of something you prepared earlier!

Craft Cider Making

This book is for anyone who wants to grow and to make good cider or even simple apple juice. Whether you have a back garden with a couple of apple trees, several acres of orchard deep in the countryside, or you?re just ?scrumping? apples from friends and neighbours every autumn, this book is for you. Here you can learn about the equipment you need, the techniques to use and just how they work as they do. You?ll also learn what to do when things go wrong, and how to put them right! Packed with a wealth of practical experience and understanding, Craft Cider Making is for beginners and old hands alike. Andrew Lea is a retired food biochemist who started his career in the tea industry and then spent 13 years at the Long Ashton Research Station (the National Fruit and Cider Institute). For the past 20 years he has been a hobby cider maker with his own small orchard and cider press and has won many prizes at national and international cider competitions.

Grow and Cook

An apprentice gardener just after the war Brian Tucker learnt the delights of growing his own veg when rationing was still in place and gardens were turned over for food production - not for a hobby but as an essential part of post-war austerity. Passionate about his vegetables as he is about cooking he keeps his advice on planting simple and his recipes easy to follow making this an ideal introduction for anyone wanting to to plant, pick and cook their own food. 192 pages

Craft Cider Making

Packed with a wealth of practical experience and understanding, ´craft Cider Making´ is for beginners and old hands alike.

Any Fool Can Be A Pig Farmer

This, the first of James Robertson's sagas about agriculture and country life, demonstrates that the young and inexperienced Robertson was even more prone to disaster than the older and still inexperienced Robertson. His pigs bit him, gave him lice, crawled up to his bed and indicated that man is not necessarily the dominant species. Ho do you communicate the facts of life to an innocent young boar? Persuade a sow not to eat her young? Survive an investigation by the Inland Revenue? Stay out of jail when your newly insured barn goes up in smoke?

How to Butcher Livestock and Game

This book clearly lays out, in plain English and with the use of illustrations, the processes involved in butchering beef, lamb, pig, rabbit, chicken, game and fish.

The Smoking and Curing Book

AN EASY TO FOLLOW step-by-step guide to the smoking and curing of meat, poultry, game, fish and cheese.

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