Now You're Cooking!

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Now You're Cooking!
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These short stories cook up tales of friendship, fun, laughter, and-food! Each story involves food or cooking and is followed by step-by-step kid-friendly recipes. Kitchen safety tips, general cooking instructions, a recipe index, and praye... Read more Inappropriate
Saint Clare of Assisi

This noblewoman was so moved by St. Francis of Assisi's preaching that she gave up all of her worldly goods and devoted her life to Jesus. St. Clare eventually became the foundress of an order of nuns called the Poor Clares.

Saints For Young Readers For Every Day - Volume 1

Volume 1 features a life of a saint for every day from January through June. A wonderful array of saints and blesseds: women and men, teenagers and children of every ethnicity, age, and situation of life imaginable are presented.

Discussion Questions for Anna Mei, Blessing in Disguise (Book 3)

Discussion/Study questions to go with the novel for middle-readers: Anna Mei, Blessing in Disguise?published by Pauline Books & Media, the publishing house of the Daughters of St. Paul.

Anna Mei, Cartoon Girl Discussion Questions

for use with the book Anna mei, cartoon girl by Carol A. Grund. Also check out Anna mei, escape artist and the upcoming Anna mei, blessing in disguise

Discussion Questions for Anna Mei, Escape Artist (Book #2)

Discussion/Study questions to go with the novel for middle-readers: Anna Mei, Escape Artist?published by Pauline Books & Media, the publishing house of the Daughters of St. Paul.

Let There Be Llamas!

In the beginning, God made heaven and God made earth. God knew everything that would ever happen?. And so he created animals for all his people who would want them, need them, and love them. This vibrantly illustrated book whisks kids away on a whirlwind trip around the globe to visit the children?and animals?of many different cultures! Includes a glossary and pronunciation guide. Ages 6-8

An Arkful of Animal Stories

Ten short stories full of humor and mischief about the animals' life on board Noah's ark, showing that a little cooperation goes a long way. Adorable and amusing illustrations bring the story to life. Children will love pointing out the animals as they read the stories. Though humorous, the stories reinforce the lesson that when we work together good things can happen. Each of the animals learns to be grateful for the others as well as other important life-lessons: God provides for us when we ask his help, we all need to be friends for the adventures ahead, God gives every creature their special talent, it's always best to tell the truth, sharing brings peace, using our talents can bring hope in the darkness to others, if we trust in God we will discover his blessing. Ages 6-8

Marriage As Gift

Looking for the secret of a happy marriage? Marriage As Gift offers solid wisdom on how to build a lifelong marriage. Based on John Paul Ii?s theology of the body, this volume is perfect for couples seeking to deepen their understanding of sex, love, and the meaning of a life lived together. Includes stories of married saints and questions for personal reflection and group discussion.

St. Monica

瞭解目前台灣就業市場,並且能學習如何讓你的履歷脫穎而出! 此系統不支援中文,請下載至電腦後即可觀看! (注意:請先註冊為會員,才可以下載!)

The Time Management Workbook

The Time Management Workbook, a companion to Time Management: A Catholic Approach, provides suggestions and workspace that help you organize and prioritize your life. Marshall Cook integrates this program with Catholic values, focusing not only on the practical application of time management processes, but also with references to Scripture and on making time to listen to the voice of God. Not your average time management book, Cook offers advice, suggestions, and tips along with a hefty serving of Catholic spirituality.

Time Management

Combining the spiritual with the practical, Cook presents a resource for anyone feeling the crunch of time, the stress of day-to-day life. Filled with practical suggestions, inspiring examples, and reminders that we?re all ?on God?s time ? Time Management: A Catholic Approach will surely become a standout on your bookshelf. Whether you find yourself under the constant barrage of meetings, deadlines, and databases or cooking, childcare, and cleaning, time management is a skill that will help you determine how to manage the time with which God has gifted you. Time Management is an excellent resource for parish groups and individual use.

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