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Photoshop Made Easy
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The Digital Photo team bring you Photoshop made easy. All you need to do anything you want with Adobe Photoshop. Manipulate your images the way you want to. Includes DVD. Inappropriate

Photoshop Made

Digital Photo Magazine Spring Issue

Pick up the April issue of Digital Photo and you?ll find an easy-to-follow guide on using your D-SLR, plus top tips on creating great images with the Layers palette. Every month Digital Photo is packed with easy-to-follow projects that?ll help you learn about your camera and software. Each imaging technique is backed up by an in-depth video lesson from one of Digital Photo?s experts, so it?s just like taking a photography course in your own home! See below for a special preview of what?s in the issue?

Practical Photography October 2008

Get your hands on our FREE video Cd-Rom guide to getting started in landscapes with the latest issue of Practical Photography. From choosing the right kit and getting the most from your tripod to using neutral ND filters and shooting HDR, this 86-minute visual feast is packed with essential camera skills, Photoshop tips and inspirational slideshows. Don?t miss it! Elsewhere, find out how to colour pop with style and subtlety, learn to use Layer Masks, one of Photoshop?s most powerful tools, and try your hand at creative still life in the comfort of your own home. Gear Guide puts the Samsung GX-20 through a gruelling physical to test its value for money promise, and the pro spec Nikon SB-900 flashgun dazzles all. Find out more:

Practical Photography December 2008

Get your festive fix with the latest issue of Practical Photography, once again crammed with honest buying advice, inspirational pictures and real-life techniques. We?ve got a huge Christmas buyer?s guide, a simple macro masterclass, an introduction to digiscoping, wildlife expert Andy Rouse?s latest adventures in India? a much more! If that?s not enough, Gear Guide gets to grips with the latest Dslrs from Sony and Canon and puts the A900 and EOS 50D through their paces, and acquaints itself with Panasonic?s new ?hybrid? camera, the G1. You can subscribe to Practical Photography at For more information visit

Practical Photography April 2009

Stuck for inspiration? April?s bumper issue of Practical Photography is literally teaming with it! From cave photography 1100ft below ground (not to mention unbelievably cramped conditions) and death-defying reportage in Afghanistan to orang-utans in Borneo and dynamic landscapes courtesy of rising star David Clapp, there?s something for everyone here. And that?s before we?ve even mentioned the latest instalments of our Lightroom 2 and studio flash features, the results of the Sea Vision UK competition, a look at scanning and retouching old photos, Image workshop, POTY results, Gear guide?

Digital Photo Magazine November 2008

Top camera and software techniques and guaranteed ways to improve your images are what the November issue of Digital Photo is all about. Plus there?s a FREE 32-page Photoshop Made Easy supplement and over 145 minutes of video tutorial advice from the Uk?s digital experts on the FREE cover CD.

Digital Photo - January 2010

Learn as you shoot with the January 2010 edition of Digital Photo. If you want to learn all about your camera and take some great shots this month, Digital Photo?s January 2010 issue is the place for you. We?ll take you out of the classroom and on a voyage of discovery with your D-SLR, showing you how to shoot brilliant low-light images with practical, hands-on advice. You?ll see what kit you need, how to use your Manual and Aperture priority modes to capture brilliant long exposures and find out how to set up your camera for great images in the twilight. And to make learning easier than ever, all our techniques are backed up by brand-new and exclusive video lessons so you can learn from the digital experts.

Practical Photography March 2009

Still suffering post-Christmas blues? Need to give your photography a boot up the backside? Fear not! The March 09 issue of Practical Photography is hear to reinvigorate your passion for pictures. Shoot stunning black & white portraits in the comfort of your own home, find out which non-photographic accessories make top pros? lives that much easier, and read about and lust over the new Nikon D3X, the most humongous DSLR ever to see the light of day. Whatever you?re into, the latest issue of PP will get you there. Here?s a quick sneak preview?

Practical Photography January 2010

Readers take centre stage in the latest issue of Practical Photography, as we devote more pages to your photos than ever before! First up is How to be photo fit, a feature custom-built to get you and your photography up to speed for the New Year. Follow our ten steps to photo fitness and test every area of your body for the complete workout! Elsewhere, find out how to create light trail figures, join PP and a quartet of DSLR Skills course winners in Slovakia, and climb aboard HMS Illustrious to see how our Royal Navy comp winner got on. And, if off-camera flash is your thing, check out the first part of our total guide. All this and much more in the January issue, on sale 2 December?

Digital Photo - November 2009

In the November 2009 issue of Digital Photo you?ll find all the help you need to take better photos with your D-SLR and improve your results in Photoshop or Elements. This month?s creative projects will have you shooting simple but effective autumnal still-lifes, eye-catching fireworks, and creating misty masterpieces in Photoshop. Each project lets you see how your camera and software can be used together to make superb pics.

Digital Photo February 2010

See how Photoshop?s Layers palette can help you create superb still-life images with the February 2010 issue of Digital Photo. There?s a mass of new and exciting projects to take on, all of which will help you master your camera and software, and, as always, each fantastic technique is backed up by an exclusive video lesson from the Uk?s digital experts, so you know you?re in safe hands.

Practical February February 2010

Dear Sir/Madam! "Special equipment and commercial transport" is news and analysis magazine. Informational foundation of the magazine consists of survey and analytical articles, the information from manufacturers, distributors, suppliers of construction machinery, road machinery, agricultural technology, commercial transport, equipment, accessories and spare parts. It is intended for executives and engineers and technicians of the enterprises

Digital Photo March 2009

Get the March issue of Digital Photo and discover how to take and make stunning winter pictures! It?s packed with easy-to-follow projects you can do inside and out and by the end of our guide you?ll have learnt stacks of new D-SLR and software skills. Each imaging technique is backed up by an in-depth video lesson from one of Digital Photo?s experts, so it?s just like taking a photography course in your own home! See below for a special preview of what?s in the issue?

Practical Photography July 2009

The July ?09 issue of Practical Photography focuses on HDR (High Dynamic Range) and how to get to grips with this exciting style. Add tone, texture and drama in just three easy steps. And you can do it all in Photoshop - no extra software is needed! Elsewhere, Canon?s EOS 500D goes head-to-head with Nikon?s D5000 to slug it out for the HD DSLR crown, landscape pro Chris Herring rolls out his summer landscape survival guide, and DSLR Skills Module 5 reveals how to harness movement as a creative tool?

Practical Photography November 2009

Every family has at least one photo album, fit to bust with smiley pictures of mom, dad and the rest of the clan. But how many contain anything other than just snapshots? This month?s bumper issue brings you 26 pages of top advice and technique designed to breathe new life into your family album, from babies and kids to family groups and even the pet pooch. Elsewhere, create dramatic images with extreme ND filters, catch up with wildlife photographer Chris Weston as he highlights the plight of the world?s most endangered mammals, delve into the world of interpolation to see which method is best. All this and much more?

DSLR SKILLS - The Complete Course

First serialised over six months in Practical Photography, this new 148-page bookazine reveals everything you need to know to master your DSLR.

Digital Photo - August 2009

Learn Layers the quick and easy way with the Uk?s number one photography magazine. The August issue of Digital Photo will tell you exactly what you need to know and, by following the creative projects in the magazine and on the CD, you?ll soon have some amazing photos thanks to the power of Photoshop and Elements. There?s plenty to discover, from adding panning effects the digital way and how to make superb cut-outs to merging multiple shots into a surreal montage and seamlessly adding figures to new scenes.

Practical Photography August 2009

The August ?09 issue of Practical Photography takes a classic medium and gives it a thoroughly modern makeover. Shoot in colour but see in black & white, follow our expert tips to convert to mono and find out how to add create and blend textures for cutting edge results. Elsewhere, break the rules in the final DSLR Skills module, follow an intrepid reader around the ghost towers of Bangkok, and read our no-nonsense reviews of the Panasonic GH1, Pentax K-7 and the best A3 printers on the market?

Practical Photography May 2009

The economy may be collapsing but Practical Photography continues to bring you brilliant issues packed full of inspiration, techniques and hands-on advice. And the May ?09 issue is no exception! Our massive A to Z of filters feature will help you improve your shots, whether you?re getting to grips with the basics or fine-tuning your ND grad technique, while the third module of our hugely popular DSLR Skills Course will help you make the most of every shooting opportunity. Add to that the final part of our Get started in Lightroom feature, a photo adventure to Rwanda with Andy Rouse, the latest instalment of the studio flash guide, and a whole load of gear loveliness, and this is one issue not to be missed?

Practical Photography October 2009

The October ?09 issue of Practical Photography, on sale 9 September, is all about nudes. But not the tacky, greasy garage calendar-style nudes of yore; we?re keeping it tasteful and stylish! Implied, artistic, male and female? you?ll find all the tips, techniques and advice you need to shoot beautiful nudes in our total guide. From finding and posing models to basic lighting setups and post-processing skills, we?ll have you shooting your best ever pictures in no time!

Practical Photography Magazine September 2009

There?s something for everyone in the September ?09 issue of Practical Photography. Fans of rust and decay will revel in our Dereliction special feature, where we go in search of beauty in abandonment, and DSLR owners looking to really get to know their cameras will learn a thing or two from Custom functions uncovered, our in-depth look at camera settings you didn?t even know you had?

Practical Photography February 2009

Still working off a few Christmas pounds? Well let us help you along! The February issue of Practical Photography is bursting with new and exciting ideas, from off-camera flash techniques from the experts behind the Strobist revolution and ring light for just £3 to infrared with an old DSLR and a cheat?s guide to triptychs. Still want more? What about a massive Canon EOS 5D Mk II test, surely one of the most anticipated Dslrs ever (well, at least in the PP office), and a quick look at Nikon?s D3x, a 24.5MP resolution DSLR designed to take on the medium-format behemoths?

Practical Photography September 2008

We?ve gone mono crazy in the latest issue of Practical Photography. Train your brain to explore the black & white potential of everyday objects and exploit the contrast and texture to add maximum impact to your images ? it?s all here. Elsewhere, we explore the world of pet photography and pick the brains of two of the country?s top pros in Capturing man?s best friend, while Gear guide reviews the latest D-Slrs from Nikon and Canon, the semi-pro D700 and entry-level EOS 1000D, to see which will be most at home in your kit bag. All this and much more, on sale now? To buy our printed magazine please visit

Practical Photography Spring Issue

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us? Yep, Practical Photography is celebrating its 50th birthday this month, and to celebrate we?ve compiled a very special anniversary issue. Inside the shiny gold cover you?ll find a whole host of features new and old, from the last half-century?s most iconic images, the story of the PP cover and the 50 most useful tips, to technique and technical features from 1959 brought bang up to date, the history of Photographer of the Year and a mega birthday competition and reader offer. If you?re passionate about photography, you need this issue!

Practical Photography June 2009

Want to take your best ever photos this summer? Of course you do! And the June ?09 issue of Practical Photography will help you do exactly that. If our FREE tip cards aren?t enough to satiate your lust for photographic goodness, our giant RAW feature will have you shooting Raws and taking advantage of the format?s superlative image quality and control in no time, while an exposé of a new and exciting self-portrait craze will have you logging onto Flickr quicker than you can say ?freud?s defence mechanism?. Elsewhere, Jeremy Walker wraps up his location guide with a walk along Britain?s most photogenic rivers and waterfalls, DSLR Skills Course takes an in-depth look at low light photography, and Gear Guide gets under the bonnets of the Canon EOS 500D and Nikon D5000?

Practical Photography November 2008

Pratical Photography November 2008, a great new look combined with even more tips and techniques allowing you to capture stunning light trails, HDR and bird photography. For more information, videos, and a great photography community visit

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