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TravelPilot Lucca 3.5 firmware update - Blaupunkt

TravelPilot Lucca 3.5 firmware update - Blaupunkt

TravelPilot Lucca 3.5 firmware update -

TravelPilot Lucca 3.5 firmware update Operating system software version 0.87, Nav_app Version V45P1 By installing this software update you can optimize the performance of your TravelPilot Lucca 3.5. Please note that the OS software does not contain any mapping. Your pre-installed map data will remain unchanged when updating the operating software. However, to provide a secure and reliable dynamic route guidance and destination selection function, it is important that you download the correct country specific software for your TravelPilot Lucca 3.5. (see list) Note: Please ensure to read the installation instructions before updating your TravelPilot Lucca 3.5 and follow the step-by-step-instructions. Before starting the software download procedure also make sure to check your TravelPilot Lucca 3.5 type number and software version. Do not upgrade your system with the software download unless your device has a lower software version! Updating your device with unsuitable software can cause severe errors. The files are large in size and it will take some time to complete the download. Type no. Software version 7 612 201 420 7 612 201 421 7 612 201 422 7 612 201 423 7 612 201 424 7 612 201 425 7 612 201 426 7 612 201 427 7 612 201 430 7 612 201 431 What else is required? • PC, Pentium, Windows XP/NT/2000 recommended • Standard SD-Card reader/writer • SD-Card 256 MB (or bigger) Preparation: • Put the SD-Card into the corresponding slot of your SD-Card reader and connect with your PC. • Open a Windows Explorer window in your work station. The SD-Card appears as additional removable drive on the Explorer. • Format the SD-Card by clicking the right mouse button and choosing “Fast formatting FAT32” in the context menu. • Download the zip-file from the above table into a temporary folder (i.e. on the desktop, new folder). Registered Office: Hildesheim, Registration Court: Amtsgericht Hildesheim HRB 120 Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Volkmar Denner; Managing Directors: Uwe Thomas, Dirk Hoheisel, Michael Klemm, Otto Mayer Blaupunkt GmbH - A Bosch Group Company Page 1 of 3

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