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MRP Modular Reciprocating Pump - Cryostar

MRP Modular Reciprocating Pump - Cryostar

MRP Modular Reciprocating Pump -

Technical Index Pump ID Meaning MRP 40 / 40 or 55 (model) (piston Ø in mm) (piston stroke in mm) Applications Liquids pumped Drive type Design pressure Test Procedure Each pump manufactured by CRYOSTAR is mechanically and cryogenically tested prior to shipment in our state-of-the-art testing facility to ensure that performance meets customer specification. The precision of measuring devices provides essential results : differential head, flow rate, seal gas consumption, pump efficiency, NPSH, noise and vibration levels – all documented and submitted to the customer. Quality Cylinder and buffer tank filling LOX, LIN, LAr, LCO 2 , LN 2 O, LNG, LH 2 Oil or grease lubricated crank drive 420 bar / 6100 PSI Designed in compliance with guidelines like IGC 11/82 norm MRP Modular Reciprocating Pump Performance PSI 6100 MRP 40/40 MRP 40/55 Reciprocating Pump 0 0.9 1.1 4.8 6.6 GPM

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