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  • For starters
    and private individuals
  • Publish an unlimited
    number of magazines
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Free 30-day trial
  • For businesses with
    few magazines
  • Powerful features
    without ads
  • Test 30-days for free,
    no strings attached
79 / MO
Free 30-day trial
  • For businesses with
    many magazines.
  • Your own online kiosk
    for your magazines
  • Test 30-days for free,
    no strings attached
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  • For businesses
    with a kiosk app
  • Your own iOS App in your
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FREE is free for life. Period. We also offer a free 30-day trial period for our fee-based products "Yumpu adFREE" and " WEBKiosk". Your credit card gets charged on day 31 for the first time. The trial phase can be cancelled at any time through your user account.
You can upload an unlimited number of magazines. The " FREE" plan as well as all other plans accommodate as many magazines with as many pages as needed.
We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express. After the free test period, we will bill you for the selected plan once every 30 days. You may cancel your account at any time. We do not charge your credit card after you cancel the plan in your user account. Premium Services will remain active until the end of the current 30-day period.
Absolutely! Plans can be modified anytime. Simply upgrade or downgrade your plans.
Our support team is always there for you. You may ask a question here.
Of course we also have a test version of the APPKiosk. With our demo app you can view our APPKiosk solution featuring your own magazines live on your iPhone or iPad. Send us your contact info and we will create a demo for you! Request a demo here.


Publishing Features

Publish documents globaly
Reach millions of readers weekly
SSL encrypted communication
Unlimited number of e-Papers
Unlimited pages per e-Paper
Perfect to embed in web & blogs
Read on Facebook
Optimized social sharing
Player: HTML5, Flash, Javascript
Tablet and mobile player
Cross-links inside e-Paper
Add audio, video and links
Search engine optimized
Content delivery network
Support community
Publish in 70 languages
Wordpress plugin
Developer API interface
Developer PHP API library
e-Paper zoom on Yumpu
Publish via Dropbox from desktop

Advanced Features

Professional e-Publishing

Mobile & Desktop Publishing

Premium Mobile & Desktop Publishing