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Every PDF's best friend.
Helping millions of PDF Files to
be a fantastic ePaper!

yumpu.com is the world's most popular web app for PDF to ePapers conversion. So your documents get a better way to flip and get a better way to promote an andveritese.

yumpu.com's unique,
easy PDF to ePaper conversion

Convert PDFs in a 4 Step prozess
In the conversion process yumpu.com also extracts the links, textdata and images for full-text search and optimize of your publication for search engines.

yumpu.com's fantastiv
social media integration

The publication's viewers can post links to pages in Facebook and Twitter, copy and send links via e-mail, and even embed your publication into their own site.

yumpu.com's search engine
optimation prozess

The yumpu.com engine create search engine optimation (SEO) friendly magazines for Google and other search engines. Using SEO feature you can ensure a high-level attendance to your publication.
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