find work; and,

People live in, work in and

visit our vibrant and

creative town centres.

2. Communities feel safer

and stronger

People are healthier, for

longer Crime reduces;

Older, disabled and

vulnerable people can live

independently and have

control over their lives;

All Lambeth communities

feel they are valued and

are part of their


Lambeth residents have

more opportunities for

better quality homes; and,

All young people have

opportunities to achieve

their ambitions.

Greater local control

through the housing

strategy proposed

and local lettings

policies; and,

Targeted training

and employment


Create safer neighbourhoods

through good design, active

spaces and strong

communities; and,

Provision of new specialist

housing such as extra care.

3. Cleaner streets and






sustainable lives; and,

People take greater

responsibility for their


Invest in challenging


raising their profile

and making them

attractive places to

live, work and visit.

High quality homes which are

more energy efficient and

cheaper to run.

Examination & Appraisal of Strategic Options

1.16 Although every local area has different needs, characteristics and strategic drivers,

many local authorities now find themselves in a similar position to LB Lambeth and are

actively developing Special Purpose Vehicles to secure much greater direct control

over housing delivery, not only to mitigate the limitations of self delivery but also to

secure new opportunities that are made possible by the powers granted to them in the

Localism Act 2011.

1.17 A review of such approaches and the key lessons that can be learned from what

others are doing (or planning), has actively informed development of the strategic

proposals for Lambeth’s Special Purpose Vehicle. Initiatives reviewed are summarised

in the table below:

Local Authority

& Structure Description

LB Ealing: Broadway Living

Identified Objectives

Avoid the limitations of the HRA borrowing cap;

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