adopting e-governance and by making data-driven


– Business environment reforms: At the outset, a

structured approach to public-private partnerships

with emphasis on project preparation and optimal risk

sharing is required to enhance investor confidence.

Single window systems that ease the permitting

process during the start of the project and during

execution will accelerate project execution, reduce

cost and time overrun, and improve intra- and interdepartment

collaboration. Further, process reforms

during land acquisition in terms of using technology

and innovative methods of land acquisition will

enhance infrastructure development for greenfield and

redevelopment initiatives.

– Sector-specific reforms: Across sectors that deal

with physical infrastructure, reforms will be required

to establish independent regulators, ensure metering,

develop skilled resources, enforce collections (of user

charges and taxes) from large defaulters and adopt

integrated planning. Similarly, for social infrastructure,

financially sustainable models will have to be created for

the private sector to participate in education, healthcare

and safety.

– Private-sector actions: A structured approach towards

community engagement, public-sector engagement and

ethical conduct will be key to building trust and ensuring

the private sector becomes an equal stakeholder in

India’s urban rejuvenation.

Dedicated effort will be required by all stakeholders to create

an environment where a balance is achieved between the

private sector’s goal to achieve maximum returns and the

public sector’s goal to achieve social welfare at minimum

cost. Such an environment cannot be created over a short

period of time and will require a sustained long term effort.

The effort will be worth it as it will reduce the gaps in service

delivery and will benefit society in general, and its vulnerable

sections in particular.

Figure 1: Reforms to Accelerate Urban Development

Sources: World Economic Forum, Shaping the Future of Urban Development & Services; PricewaterhouseCoopers research

Reforms to Accelerate the Development of India’s Smart Cities - Shaping the Future of Urban Development & Services Initiative


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