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Commissioning A Portrait


[ 4 ] Monitor the Work

[ 4 ] Monitor the Work On receipt of the commission money, Artworld will advise the artist that he can begin work. Bear in mind that a portrait is not a photograph, rather it is an interpretation of reality in which the artist contributes something of himself. Artworld will not involve itself in work in process nor hear any appeal or dispute until the work is complete. On completion the work will be sent to you for your consideration and approval. [ 5 ] Accept the Portrait If you are satisfied with the work delivered, Negative Entropy BV will then pay the artist the quoted sum less any expenses incurred in bank fees and currency conversion, and less a charge or commission of 5% of the quoted price. The balance after deductions will be sent to the artist.

Disputes & Appeals If you are not satisfied, advise Negative Entropy BV immediately. The Disputes & Appeals procedure will be initiated. Use of the African Portraiture Service implies that both artist and buyer agree to a formal process of adjudication as set out in detail as Appendix A. The process is designed to be aesthetically and commercially even handed. There are three possible outcomes. (i) The commission price will be refunded, less Negative Entropy’s 5% commission, and any implied bank or currency-conversion charges. The buyer keeps the delivered commission. The artist gets nothing. (ii) The buyer deposits a further 50% of the original quoted sum. The artist will deliver a second attempt which is accepted. The artist will be paid 150% of the originally quoted sum, less Negative Entropy BV’s 5% commission, and any implied bank or currency-conversion charges. The buyer keeps both delivered commissions. (iii) The editor rules. In this case the money may be divided between buyer and artist in a proportion decided by the editor, Artworld. The money is refunded only after deduction of the 5% commission and all bank and currency-related charges. The buyer keeps any work previously delivered.

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