Evaluace nastavení indikátorové soustavy ... - (ROP) Jihozápad


Evaluace nastavení indikátorové soustavy ... - (ROP) Jihozápad

Executive Summary

It can be noted that the overall results of the evaluation study are quite positive for the ROP SW

(South-West). The evaluation elaborators have been working with data as of 1 January 2010, the

reference date of this study; in virtue of this, it can be stated that the optimal rate of the financial

progress should vary around 40%, along with the corresponding rate of the substantive progress.

The purpose of the evaluation was to give answers to evaluation questions in 3 selected areas:

Programme's Financial and Substantive Progress, Indicators System's Quality, and Verification of

Actual Performance of Indicators in Completed Projects. Following discussions with the SW ROP

Regional Council Authority (RCA), the study elaborators slightly modified the evaluation questions as


Programme's Financial and Substantive Progress

1) Is the financial progress in harmony with the planned progress of the EU SF resources


2) Is it realistic to draw resources allocated in single priority axes, or support areas, with

respect to the n+2/n+3 rule?

3) Does the programme lead up to performing the stated global and specific targets, or

target values of indicators, on the level of global and specific targets?

4) Are the target values of indicators stated realistically with respect to the financial and

substantive programmes?

Indicators System's Quality

5) Are the ROP NUTS II SW indicators set up appropriately with respect to

determinability, measurability, and consistency of data?

6) Does the current set-up of the ROP NUTS II SW system of substantive indicators allow

completion of programme's single targets?

Verification of Actual Performance of Indicators in Completed Projects

7) Are the indicators' target values realistically stated with respect to the programme's

substantive and financial progress?

Based on the answers to the evaluation questions, and taking into account the demonstrable,

resultant projects' values, it can be noted that there are no major discrepancies in performing the

financial progress and in the ROP SW substantive performance. The system of indicators is set up

with a high rate of pragmatic expectation of performing single indicators, or programme's targets. All

findings this study indicates are, so far, in the state of actually resolvable and attainable corrective

processes. Instructions for correcting these partial insufficiencies are summarised for the sponsor of

this study in Chapter 7 - Recommendations.

9 partial recommendations have been overall suggested:

1. To improve the situation in resources drawing by statutory cities within the Cities' Integrated

Development Plans (IPRM) of the Support 2.1 ;

2. To announce calls within the Supports 1.3 and 1.4 ;

3. To resolve the extremely high performance of the Number of IDS-Involved Municipalities

(Integrated Transport System - IDS) indicator;

4. To increase target values of the major indicators within the Priority Axis 2;

5. To decrease the target values of the major indicators within the Support 2.6;


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