Dear Fellow Chicagoans,

Four years ago, I joined the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) to

launch Healthy Chicago, the first public health agenda designed to improve the

health of all Chicagoans. Since that time, we have made historic strides: tobacco

rates for youth have reached an all-time low and life expectancy for Chicagoans

has reached an all-time high. These are accomplishments to celebrate. But at

the same time, our work is not yet done. Too many Chicagoans continue to be

affected by preventable diseases, too many continue to be burdened by and

endure the effects of violence and too many do not have access to resources

and opportunities that allow them to lead healthy lives. Data show that health

inequities are wide and we must do more to eliminate the unjust differences

in health that exist among Chicago communities and across the lines of race,

ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, gender identity and sexual orientation.

Healthy Chicago 2.0 is the next step in our ongoing effort to ensure that every

resident of Chicago has the opportunity to live a healthy life. Focusing on areas

where health disparities remain, this plan provides over 200 actionable strategies

to reduce inequities and improve the health and vitality of our residents and our

city. By addressing both traditional health issues such as chronic disease and the

root causes of poor health such as transportation and housing, Healthy Chicago

2.0 aims to ensure that every child raised in Chicago, regardless of neighborhood

and background, has the resources and opportunities to live a healthy life.

I invite you to join our more than 130 partner organizations to put this plan into

action as we work to make Chicago the healthiest city in the nation.

Rahm Emanuel

Mayor, City of Chicago

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