NASSH Sessions Scheduled for Saturday, May 28, 2016

Rm A Rm B Rm C Rm D Auditorium E Rm F

8:00-8:30 Opening and Welcome

8:30-10:05 Olympic Games

Sex Control, Doping Control

Moderator: Elena Balcaite

8:30: Danyel Reiche – “The History of

Lebanon's Sporting Boycott of Israel,


8:50: Scott Martyn – “IOC Crisis and

Reform: The International Olympic

Committee’s World Study on the Image

of Olympism.”

9:10: Adam Berg – “The Olympic Spirit of

1976: How the Denver Olympic

Committee Won and Lost the Winter


9:30: Robert Barney and John Lucas –

“I’m Tired of The Whole Silly Business’:

John Terence McGovern and Olympic

Commercial Destiny in the Matter of

Avery Brundage vs. Paul Helms.”

US Soccer History 1: Pioneers,

Professionals and Critics

Moderator: Chris Bolsmann

8:30: Brian D. Bunk – “Soccer and

Sociability in San Francisco at the Turn of

the Twentieth Century.”

8:50: David Kilpatrick – “The Original

Cosmos: New York Soccer in the 1890s.”

9:10: Gabe Logan – “C’Mon You Reds: The

U.S. Communist Party Worker’s Soccer

Association, 1927-1935.”

9:30: Gary James – “Methodology and the

Origins of Soccer—Manchester as a Case


Moderator: Jason Shurley

8:30: L. Dawn Bavington – “Male

Imposters, Nude Parades and the New

Olympic Sex Controls.”

8:50: John Gleaves, Emmanuel Macedo –

“'No to Pissing in Test Tubes': Voices of

Dissent in Anti-Doping Discourse."

9:10: Daniel Rosenke – “Dr. Robert Kerr:

'The Steroid Guru'."

9:30: Thomas Hunt – “A Critical Historical

Analysis of Texas High School Anti-Doping


Race and Sport in the Early 20 th


Moderator: Katherine Jamieson

8:30: Sarah Jane Eikelberry – “Eyes Right”

in Des Moines: Rearing Race Relations at

the Blue Triangle YWCA, 1919-1950.”

8:50: Robert Pruter – “From Club Store

Co-Eds to Chocolate Co-Eds: African

American Barnstorming Achievement or

Circus Side Show?”

9:10: Ryan Swanson – “Stopping the ‘Fight

of the Century’: Theodore Roosevelt, Jack

Johnson, and the Limits of the Bully


Muscles as Message: Film, Sport,

and Masculinity

Moderator & Commentator:

Tolga Ozyurtcu

8:30: David Chapman – “Hercules of the

Films: Eddie Polo, Athletic Star of Silent

Movie Serials.”

8:50: John D. Fair – “Muscle Beach


9:10: Douglas Brown – “Athletes, Actors

and Film Artists: Documenting Male

Physicality at the National Film Board of


10:20-11:55 The Super Bowl at Fifty

Moderator and Commentator: Richard

C. Crepeau

10:20: Andrew D. Linden – “The Super

Bowl and American Social Politics, 1967-


10:40: Peter M. Hopsicker – “50 Years

of 'Superbowling': The Voice of the

People as a Strobe Light on an

American Holiday."

11:00: Elysia Galindo-Ramirez, Matthew

P. McAllister – “Super Bowl Commercials

and the Perpetuation of Spectacular


US Soccer History 2: International

Tours, Encounters, and Leagues

Moderator: David Kilpatrick

Commentator: Chuck Korr

10:20: Chris Bolsmann – “’Certainly the Best

Corinthian Team Ever and the Strongest

Association Sides Ever Engaged in a

Foreign Tour’: The Corinthian Football

Club on Tour in Canada and the United

States 1906, 1911 and 1924.”

10:40: Dilwyn Porter – “‘Two Separate Trees

from the Same Seed’: Reciprocal US-UK

Soccer Tours, 1926-1930.”

11:00: George N. Kioussis – “A ‘Fancy Dream’

Dashed: Bill Cox’s International Soccer

League, 1960-65.”

Coffee Break

PANEL: Reflections on the


Moderator: Dan Nathan

Panel Members:

Jennifer Guiliano, (Indiana University-

Purdue University Indianapolis)

C. Richard King (Washington State


Ellen Staurowsky (Drexel University)

Physical Culture, Health and


Moderator: David L Chapman

10:20: Mickey Phillips – “Walter Camp:

The Forgotten Physical Culture


10:40: Evan Habkirk – “Civilizing Bodies:

Cadet Drill in Canadian Indian Residential


11:00: Patricia Vertinsky, Bieke Gils –

“Extending the British Female Tradition in

Physical Education: Movement Education

Comes to Western Canada, 1950-1970.”

Women, Sport, and Opportunity

Moderator: Cat Arial

10:20: Mercedes Townsend – “'Venus

to the Hoop,' But Not to the Bank:

Gender Inequity in Professional


10:40: Robin Hardin, Jessica Siegele,

Allison Smith, Elizabeth Taylor, and

James Bemiller – “Creating

Opportunities: The NCAA and Emerging

Sports for Women.”

11:00: Victoria Jackson – “Title IX and

the Big Time.”

11:20: Jane E. Hunt – “From pre-Title-IX

Tennis to Triathlon: Women and the

Personal Experience of Finding Freedom

through Multisport.”


12:00-1:00 Reet and Max Howell Honor Address –

Michael Cronin, “Food”

1:00-2:00 Lunch

2:00-3:45 PANEL – Playing It Again: Scholars

Writing Sport History for a

Popular Audience

Defending the American Way of Life:

Sport, Culture, and the Cold War

Moderator: Steven Gietschier

(Lindenwood University)

Panel Members:

Larry Gerlach, University of Utah

Leslie Heaphy, Kent State University-


Samuel Regalado, California State


Moderator: Kevin Witherspoon

2:00: Dennis Gildea – “Football and the

Blacklist: A Study of Millard Lampell's The


2:20: Nevada Cooke – “Preserving 'The

American Way': Gerald Ford and the

President's Commission on Olympic Sport

in the Shadow of Cold War Politics.”

2:40: Kate Aguilar – “To Win One for the

Gipper: Football and the Self-Fashioning of

Ronald Reagan.”

3:00: Brad Congelio – “Still a Beacon, Still a

Magnet: Ronald Reagan, the 1984 Los

Angeles Olympic Summer Games, and the

American Moral Compass.”

The Case of Holmes v. Atlanta: The

Desegregation of Public Golf and

Student Engagement in Public


Moderator and Commentator: Mary G.


2:00: Michael Holmes – “The History of

Holmes V. Atlanta, Tup Holmes and

the Desegregation of Public Golf.”

2:20: Anna Arnau, Ericka Brundage,

Hayden Gregg – “Researching and

Designing Holmes v. Atlanta: Changing the


2:40: Carla Gerona – “Studio Classes:

Teaching Museum Studies and History.”

Muscle Madness

Moderator: Kim Beckwith

2:00: Ben Pollack – “Mail-Order Muscle:

Advertising Physical Culture

Correspondence Courses, 1889-1929."

2:20: Jan Todd – “Dumbbells, Pulleys, and

Muscle: American Gymnasiums and

Weight Training in the Pre-Civil War Era.”

2:40: Jason Shurley – “'The Rise of the

Machines': The Evolution of Commercial

Strength Training Machines.”

3:00: Victoria Felkar – “How Muscle

Became Bad: Criminological Knowledge

and the Muscular Body.”

Sport, Politics, and the Law

Moderator: Daniel Rosenke

2:00: Jordan Goldstein – “The Political

Nature of the Donation of the

Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup.”

2:20: Chad Carlson, Jason Dewitt –

“Antitrust Law and Big-Time Sport:

An Evolving Relationship.”

2:40: Michel Vigneault – “Sport and

the Quiet Revolution in Québec:

How to reform provincial sport


3:00: Austin Roth – “Athletics Canada

- Athletisme Canada: Reviewing the

Foundation and Implementation of

Their Sport Funding Framework and

Strategic Plan."

Coffee Break

4:00-5:15 NASSH Business Meeting


NASSH Sessions Scheduled for Sunday, May 29, 2016

Rm A Rm B Rm C Rm D Auditorium E Rm F

8:00-9:30 Approaches to History

College Football


Sport and the Citizen in the Long Distance Running

Twentieth Century

Moderator: Gary James

8:00: Thomas Oates, Tara Keegan –

“Wikipedia, Women’s Sport, and

Feminist Interventions.”

8:20: Damion Thomas – “A History of

Sports in the U.S. West through the

Collections of the Smithsonian

National Museum of African

American History and Culture.”

8:40: Victoria Paraschak – “Hope for

the Past: Making Information

Available on Elite Canadian Aboriginal


9:00: Ari de Wilde – “Re-Presenting

“Ghosts of the Garden:” Six Day

Bicycle Racing and Digital Sport


Moderator: Ellen Staurosky

8:00: Andy Doyle – “The Rise and Fall of the

Centre College Praying Colonels: Athletics and

Academics in Southern Football, 1919-1926."

8:20: Adam Pfleegor, Brian Soebbing –

“Interorganizational Relations and

Environmental Uncertainty: A Historical Case

Study of the Fiesta Bowl.”

9:00: Chad Seifried, Kwame Agyemang –

“'Coopetition' and College Football: A Case of

Strategic Alliances over the History of the

Tangerine Bowl.”

Moderator: Bob Turmpbour

8:00: Seth S. Tannenbaum – “Baseball and

Entertainment: New Ballparks as the

Solution to Age-Old Problems."

8:20: Laura Troiano – “Find Another Place

to Play: Community Activism in the

Stadium Building Era.”

8:40: Judy Davidson, Jay Scherer, Ryland

Kafara – “A Decolonizing History of Arena

Building in Edmonton, Alberta.”

9:00: Phil Hatlem – “Honoring Past

Influence: The Curious Case of Stan


Moderator & Commentator: Thomas M.


8:00: Johanna Mellis – “Athletes as

Heroes in Socialist Hungary in the 1950s

and 1960s.”

8:20: Raja Rahim – “King of the Court:

John B. McLendon and the Origins of Black

Basketball at North Carolina College

During Jim Crow Segregation, 1937-1952.”

Moderator: Dennis Gildea

8:00: Tycho de Boer – “Is It Pure

Accident that More Races Are Held on

Sunday Mornings than at Any Other

Time?: Running as Seeking in 1970s


8:20: Aaron Haberman – “Escape and

Pursuit: Contrasting Visions of the 1970s

Long Distance Running Boom in

American Popular Culture.”

8:40: Kylee Studer – “Female Runners:

Is Half the Distance Really Twice the


9:00: Colleen English – “Distance

Running and Collapsing Women at the

Olympics: The 1928 800-Meter Run and

the 1984 Marathon.”

9:50-11:25 Teaching Sport History in the

Digital Era

Moderator: Ryan Swanson

9:50: Andrew R.M. Smith – “To Preach

What We Practice: Teaching Sport

History Online.”

10:10: Andrew McGregor – “Piecing

the Story Together: Digital Sport

History Exhibits in Collaboration and


10:30: Rwany Sibaja – “Understanding

by Digital Design: Digital Storytelling

and Other Forms of Multimedia

Narrativity in the Sports History


The Jerry Sandusky Scandal: View

from the Archives to Setllement of the

Corman v. NCAA Decree Lawsuit

Moderator and Commentator: Dan Nathan

9:50: Jackie Esposito – “Collection Access

and Archival Management During the

Jerry Sandusky Scandal.”

10:10: Ronald A. Smith – “Nailed to the

Cross: The 2012 Sandusky Scandal NCAA-

Penn State Consent Decree and the

Senator Corman Lawsuit That Brought It


10:30: Documentary Film Clips

Sport and Media

Coffee Break

Moderator: Matthew Klugman

9:50: Laura Carpenter – “Fillies and

Feminism: Representations of Female

Racehorses in Popular and Sports Media,


10:10: Richard Kimball – “From the

Brooklyn Bridge to Bugs Bunny:

Reinventions of Steve Brodie, Bridge


10:30: Ted Geltner – “I was Standing

There All the While: Jim Murray and the

Rise of Sports in Los Angeles.”

10:50: Travis Vogan – “The Racial Politics

of Monday Night Football's Emergence

and Persistence."

American Female Athletes and the

Cold War

Moderator: Matt Llewellyn

9:50: Lindsay Parks Pieper – “‘Wolves in

Skirts?’: Gender and Sexuality in Cold War

Women’s Sport.”

10:10: Kevin Witherspoon – “America’s

Team: The Nashville Business College

‘Nabucos’ Confront the Soviets, 1958-


10:30: Cat Arial – “"Wilma Rudolph's

Cold War Feminism."”

The Great Outdoors

Moderator: Dominic Morais

9:50: Rita Liberti, Maria Veri – “'As

Welcome as Lunch at the Ritz': A

History of Tailgating Culture in the


10:10: Amanda Schweinbenz –

“Repetition of Marginalization: An

Examination of the Introduction of

Para Rowing into the World


10:30: Dain TePoel – “Endurance

Activism: Transcontinental Walks in

the United States and the Politics of

Movement Culture."

10:50: Pierre-Olaf Schut – “The Role

Played by the French State in the

Development of Outdoor Sports

Since 1965."


Moderator: George Kioussis

9:50: Ian Plenderlieth – “Too Far

Ahead of its Time, North American

Soccer League in the 1970s.”

10:10: Christopher Henderson – “Sky

Blue’s The Limit: Fan Culture and The

Future of the National Women’s

Soccer League.”

10:30: Patrick H. Salkeld – “Making

America Great Again: Ronald Reagan

and the 1994 World Cup Bid."

10:50: Zachary Bigalke – “Anything but

Ringers: Historical Sketches of the

Soccer Hotbeds That Produced the

1930 U.S. World Cup Team.”


11:40-12:40 Lunch

12:40-1:40 John R. Betts Honor Address

Larry Gerlach,

“Confronting History”

1:45-3:15 Sport, Power, and Profits

Moderator: John Wong

1:45: Wray Vamplew – “Promotion,

Products and (Possibly) Profits: Sports

Entrepreneurship Revisited.”

2:05: Charles Little – “‘It’s the SANFL Wot

Won It’: Sport as the Foundation of

Rupert Murdoch’s Political Influence.”

2:25: Bob Trumpbour – “George Turner

Kirksey and His Role in Houston's Push to

Join the Major Leagues."

2:45: Dominic Morais – “Muscle

Confusion: Changing the Strength &

Health Brand Image During the 1950s."

PANEL – Writing about Basketball:

History, Culture, Politics

Moderator: Aram Goudsouzian (University of


Panel Members:

Flinder Boyd (Former Professional Basketball

Player and Free Lance Writer)

Santiago Colas (University of Michigan)

Jack Hamilton (University of Virginia)

Alexander Wolff (Staff Writer, Sports


Masculinity and its Discontents:

Race, Sexuality, Spectators, and

the Contested Masculinities of


Moderator: Lindsay Parks Pieper

Commentator: Rita Liberti

1:45: Matthew Klugman – “'Converting a

Manly Game into a Nuisance by

Excessive Devotion': Late Victorian

Anxieties Regarding the Emasculating

Nature of Watching Association


2:05: Louis Moore – “Race Man and

Running Back: Levi Jackson and the

Meaning of Manhood n Post World

War II America.”

2:25: Gary Osmond – “'But He Plays

Football': Ian Roberts, Sport, and the

Challenge of Homosexuality to 1990s


Developing National Identities:

Personal, Communal, and National

Progress Narratives in Sport

Moderator: Rwany Sibaja

Commentator: Christopher D. Brown

1:45: Andrew Zonderman – “'Boxing is

the Peculiar Faculty of the English

Nation': The Rise of Boxing and English

National Identity in the Eighteenth


2:05: Danielle Wiggins – “Playing for the

Other Team: The Particular Politics of

the Republican Black Athlete."

2:25: Jennifer L. Schaefer – “Showing

Argentina's Best Side: Technological

Development and the 1978 World


Olympic Politics & Apartheid

Moderator: Austin Duckworth

1:45: Cesar Torres – “Argentina's Failed

Boycott of the 1936 Olympic Games."

2:05: Scott Jedlicka – “'Unleash

Tuchman! Play the Olympic Card!':

Human Rights, US National Security, and

the 1980 Summer Olympics."

2:25: Matt Llewellyan, Toby Rider –

“Extending the Flag of Convenience: The

Zola Budd Affair, Apartheid Politics, and

Thatcher's 'Firm' Commitment to


2:45: Tanya Jones – “The Struggle for

Reconciliation: Douglas Roby, Apartheid

Politics, and the Olympic Games."

3:25-5:00 International Strength

Moderator: John Fair

3:25: Carey Watt – “Physical Culture,

Sport and Cross-cultural Engagement:

Eugen Sandow's Tour of India, the

Straits Settlements and China in


3:45: Kim Beckwith – “Women’s


4:05: Paulina Rodriguez – “Lifting the

Bar: A History of Inclusion,

Empowerment and the Rise of

Women's Olympic Weightlifting."

Sportsmen: Biography and Identity

Moderator: Macintosh Ross

3:25: Dean Allen – “‘The Englishman’s

Game’: Cricket and English Identity in

North America, 1830-1900.”

3:45: Elena Balcaite – John’s Narrative and

Australian Soccer History: Intersections

and Interruptions.”

4:05: Michael T. Wood – “James H.

Kendrigan: ‘Tropical Knute Rockne’ or

International Man of Intrigue?”

4:25: Iain Adams – “In the eyes of the

Coffee Break

Sport and the Greater Good:

Politics, Ideology, and Physical

Culture in the 1960s and 1970s

Moderator: Malcolm MacLean

3:25: Russell Field – “‘Nothing

Communicates Like Sport’: The Peace

Corps and Sport as a Development

Tool in the 1960s.”

3:45: Maureen Smith – “Mourning in

Black and White: America's Sports

Pages Respond to the Assassination of

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

4:05: Jaime Schultz – “Feminisms,

Martial Arts, and Physical Competence

Place, Borderlands, and Cultural


Moderator: Travis Vogan

3:25: Mark Dyreson – “A Farewell to Color

Lines? Remembering and Forgetting at

the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.”

3:45: Jerry Gems – “American Borderlands

and the Transition in Gender Roles.”

4:05: Susan Rayl – “Killing History: The

Senseless Death of the Renaissance


The Racquet Racket

Moderator: Chris Elzey:

3:25: Brad William Hummel – “A

Peculiar Inclusion: Tennis on the

Olympic Program at Athens, 1896.”

3:45: Andrew Hao – « The Way Back

into the Olympic Games: The

Reinstatement of Tennis and the

Acceptance of Professional Players.”

4:05 : Robert J. Lake – « Historical

Constructions of an Imagined

Community in British Tennis."

4 :25 : Jan Luitzen – A Strong Case of


4:25: Terry Todd – “Levantadores:

Basque Stone Lifting.”

Beholder: G.K.Chesterton on Wyndham

Halswelle, Villain and Hero.”

in the 1960s and 1970s.”

4:25: Yoav Dubinsky – “The Politics

Behind Commemorating the 1972

“Munich Massacre” and Its Victims.”

Early Sport Marketing - the Sale of

Lawn Tennis Boxes in the

Netherlands (1874-1887).”

7:00 PM (Room to be announced later)

“Working: What Sports Historians Would Tell Studs Terkel”

Special Panel Presentation for Graduate Students and Interested Conference Attendees

Five distinguished sports historians share their personal reflections on working in our field.

Panel Members: Patricia Vertinsky, David Wiggins, Maureen Smith, Ron Smith, and Kevin Witherspoon

Moderator: Jan Todd

Graduate Student Social will Follow (Details Forthcoming)


8:00: Christine O’Bonsawin – “Who Has

the Right to Play?: Indigenous

Identities and Indigenous Sport

Spaces in Canada."

NASSH Sessions Scheduled for Monday, May 30, 2016

Rm A Rm B Rm C Rm D Auditorium E Rm F

8:00-9:30 Aboriginal Sport and Identity The AAU, Amateurism, and the Birth

of the USOC

The Right to Compete: Case

Studies of Women in Sport

Race and Discourse

Races and Places

Moderator: Vicky Paraschak

Moderator: Charles Martin

Moderator Needed: Ian Anderson

Moderator: Jan Todd

8:00: Matt Hodler – “The $100 Million Man:

Michael Phelps and USA Swimming’s Shifts in


Moderator: Leslie Heaphy

8:00: Elizabeth Cavalier – “‘Skate Fast, Hit

Hard’: San Francisco Bay Bombers and Bay

Area Roller Derby.”

8:00: Malcolm MacLean – “Irony and

Satire: Popular Culture, Historical Sources

and the Anti-Apartheid in Sport


8:00: Richard V. McGehee –

“Guatemalan Presidential Birthdays,

Sport, and the Maya Marathon of 1939-


8:20: Robert Kossuth – “Indigenous and

Colonial Physical Culture: Sport,

Contact, and the Settlement of

Canada’s Southwestern Prairie


8:40: Michael Heine – “'Esquimaux

Races on the Midway': Aboriginal

Cultures at the Pan-American

Exhibition, Buffalo, New York, 1901."

9:00: Janice Forsythe – “Our home on

Native land: Selling Aboriginal

involvement in the Vancouver 2010

Winter Olympic Games.”

8:20: Stephen Wenn – “The Cornell

Connection Strikes Gold: Robert Kane, Barber

Conable and the USOC's Path to Financial


8:40: Tom Rorke – “Wettstone's War: The

Muscle Gap, the AAU, and the Birth of the

United States Gymnastics Federation in Cold

War America."

9:00: Austin Duckworth – “Cold Hard Cash:

Commercialization, Politics, and Amateurism in

Track and Field."

8:20: Tamirat Gebremariam – “Sport

History of Ethiopia: A Case Study of

Ethiopian Women Athletics.”

8:40: Katie Taylor – “’Women Not

Mentally Able’: A Media Study of the

Opportunities and Constraints for Women

Playing American Football, 1880-1950.”

9:00: Gertrud Pfister – “Women Excelling

in Men's Sport -a Case Study of


8:20: Nathan Corzine – “No Birds of a

Feather: Sports, Politics, and Race in the

St. Louis – Atlanta Hawks Narrative.”

8:40: Ornella Nzindukiyimana – “Early

1910s Racial Discourse on Black

Canadians: The Case of Immigrants versus


9:00: John Price – “The Jackie Robinson of

Football": Doug Williams, Super Bowl XXII,

and Shifting Masculinities in the Murder


8:20: Benjamin Nam, Takuya

Hayakawa, Sang Back Nam – “Korean

Marathon, 1912-1943: Exploring the

Athletic Lives of the Nam Brothers

Under Japanese Colonial Rule."

8:40: Steven Riess – “The Return of

Thoroughbred Racing to Chicago in the


9:00 Brian M. Ingrassia – “Better than

Indianapolis: Atlanta's New South Auto

Racing Aspirations, 1909-1913."

Coffee Break

9:50-11:25 Narratives of the Past

Moderator: Maureen Smith

9:50 Matthew Yeazel,

“Use of the Work of Saul

Alinsky in Explaining the Effectiveness of

Protest and Social Action in College

Sports, 1965-Present “

10:10 Adam Criblez, “Boogie Fever: The

Summer of 1976 and the Merger that

Transformed Pro Basketball”

10:30 David E. Sumner – “Bear Bryant’s

and Wally Butts’ Scandalous Telephone


10:50: Daniel Nathan – “A Night at Toots


Canadian Hockey

Moderator: Chad Seifried

9:50: Fatima Ba’abbad – “More Than Sport

and Games: Interviews with the Black

Hawks Hockey Team, From Sioux Lookout

Indian Residential School, 1948-1970.”

10:10: Taylor McKee – “The Rink and the

Stage: Melodrama, Media, and Canadian


10:30: John Wong, J. Andrew Ross – “The

Path Not Taken: The Experiment of the

NHL-Soviet “Super” Series of 1975-76.”

10:50: Carly Adams, Jason Laurendeau –

“Juvenile Delinquency(?) Youth, Citizenship,

and the Emergence of Minor Hockey in


The Super Bowl in Global


Moderator and Commentator: Mark


9:50: Kohei Kawashima – “The Super

Bowl as the Epitome of American

Business and Culture: Continuity and

Discontinuity in Japanese Views and

Interpretations from 1975 to 2015.”

10:10: Lars Dzikus – “This is Amerika:

The Super Bowl and German


10:30: Craig Greenham – “The Grey Cup

and Super Bowl in the Canadian


Sport and Film

Moderator: Ornella Nzindukiyimana

9:50: Sarah Fields, Shelley Lucas – “A

History of Sport-Related Concussions As

Represented in Film and Sports


10:10: Marisela Chavez – “Larry's Clear:

Negotiating Race and Athletic Stardom in

Space Jam."

10:30: Alex Kupfer – “Football

Fundamentals Visualized: Non-Theatrical

Exhibition, Sports Films, and Knute

Rockne's Lost Movie.”

10:50: Tolga Ozyurtcu – “In Defense of

The Endless Summer: Assessing the

Function of Place in Surf Cinema.”

Nonconformity, Transgender

Athletes, and the Politics of


Moderator: Colleen English

9:50: Camille Croteau – “Framing

Gender: How Transitioned Female

Athletes are Represented in the


10:10: Cathryn Lucas – “Going Stealth:

Passing, Racialized Gender, and

Trans Narratives in Sport.”

10:30: Josh Howard, Elizabeth Catte –

“'A Secret Fascination': Professional

Wrestling, Gender Non-Conformity,

and Masculinity."

10:50: Diane Williams – “(Un)Intended

Consequences: Title IX, Race, Sex,

and Sports.”


11:40-12:40 Lunch Break—Lunch on your own

12:40-1:40 Graduate Student Essay

1:45-3:15 Baseball and Race

Moderator: Seth Tannenbaum

1:45: Katherine Walden – “'Our Baseball

Nine': Race, Sport, and Southern White

Masculinity at Vanderbilt University,


2:05: Joshua Higgs – “The Atlanta Black

Crackers: Baseball in the Jim Crow


2:25: Dave Barney – “Alvin and Me, Circa

’43; Something about Shoes and the

Bayou Eel, Alvin Dark.”

2:45: Lauren Osmer – “Media Coverage

of International MLB Players as Related

to Racialization Narratives."

Cold War

Moderator: Steve Riess

1:45: Russ Crawford – “Transplanting the

American (Sporting) Way of Life to Cold

War France: USAFE and USAREUR


2:05: Sam Schelfhout – “Lifting ‘Round the

World: The Political Impact of the USA

Weightlifting Team’s 1955 Goodwill Tour

to the Middle East.”

2:25: Chris Elzey – “No Enmity: The 1962

American-Soviet Track Meet at Stanford


2:45: Evan Nagel – “The “Miracle on Ice,”

the 1984 U.S. National Hockey Team, and

the Beginning of the End for American

Olympic ‘On-Ice’ Amateurism.”

Gendered Bodies, Technologized


Moderator: Tara Magdalinski

1:45: Kera Allen – “'What Does a Father

Know About the Need of Playgrounds

and Recreation Centers': Lugenia

Burns Hope and the Development of

the Neighborhood Union.”

2:05: Renee Shelby – “Sexual Armor,

Technological Empowerment, and

Physical Feminism: Intersecting Body


2:25: Mario Bianchini – “Engineering

Medal Count: Cold War Science, East

German Technology, and the Display

Value of Sport.”

2:45: Jennifer Sterling – “Illustration to

Interactivity: Sport and the New York

Times' 'Visualization Lab' since 1980.”

College Sport, Especially


Moderator: David Sumner

1:45 Murry Nelson – “Attack of the

Gophers; the 1972 Big Ten Race and

the Fight that Defined It”

2:05: Arthur Banton – “The Street Game

Arrives at the Top of the Mountain of

Intercollegiate Basketball.”

2:25: Al Figone – “Michigan's Fab Five:

Playing for Gamblers, the Media, and


2:45: Jim Watkins, Gregg Twietmeyer –

“Success and Failure to Curtail Collegiate

Athletics in the city of Birmingham.”

Boxing and MMA

Moderator: Sarah Fields

1:45: Cathy Van Ingen – “Stabbed,

Shot, Left to Die: Historying Christy

Salter Martin and Violence Against


2:05: Jared Walters – “‘Two Men

Enter, One Man Leaves.’ The History

of the Political and Legal Struggles

During the Founding of Mixed

Martial Arts in North America.”

2:25: MacIntosh Ross – “The Press,

Professional Boxers, and

Interpersonal Violence: Reinforcing

Hegemonic Masculinity in Interwar

America, 1919-1941.”

2:45: Jason Winders – “Jolts from John

L: America as Seen through the Eyes

of a Fading Champion, 1905-1909.”


3:15-7:00 No Scheduled Activities

Banquet & Closing Ceremonies


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