The Internet Value Chain




3. The first years of the internet saw the creation of

many new companies and the inevitable filtering

to a smaller number of truly successful companies.

At the present time, the strong concentration of

returns and the inflows of capital to those few market

leaders enable them to expand rapidly and grow

even stronger by acquiring the next generation of

innovators. This is an area where more debate on

aspects of competition policy would be helpful. In the

corporate world, it implies that an incremental

response to internet value chain disruption is riskier

than some executives and shareholders may choose

to believe. New competitors may arrive more quickly

and with more scale than anticipated.

We would like to thank the GSMA and its members

for contributing to our understanding of the internet

value chain as we prepared this paper, but should

emphasise that it is an independent paper that does not

necessarily represent the views of anyone but the

authors. We are convinced that the themes discussed in

this report will remain highly relevant throughout the

next five years of the internet value chain’s evolution and

will have far-reaching implications for all sectors of the

global economy.


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