Source: Facebook data shared by the Quint (Jan. 2016).

In terms of reach, the Quint is in a different league from most start-­‐‐ups in

India and competes more directly with legacy players like newspapers and

broadcasters. In early 2016, the site generated about 5 million pageviews a

month, had 3.1 million fans on Facebook, 85,000 followers on Twitter, 53,000

on Instagram, and 82,000 app installs. These figures are comparable to those

of many more established players, and the Quint claims that the month-­‐‐on-­‐month

growth figures are much higher for video traffic. 27 By April 2016, the

Quint had more than 4.1 million Facebook likes and over 100,000 Twitter


How expensive is this rapid expansion? ‘So, I think the costs are not

that much of a worry but I would hesitate to add we have just begun the

game. But from what it looks like content gathering costs shouldn’t increase

dramatically’, says Bahl. He adds:

27 All data and Facebook ranking shared by the Quint.


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