The MCAT Essentials for Testing Year 2016



The MCAT ® Essentials

The MCAT ® Essentials for Testing Year 2016

Congratulations! Reading this guide is the first step in preparing yourself to take the MCAT®

exam―and the first step toward a rewarding career in medicine.

The MCAT Essentials is the official policy and procedure guide for the MCAT exam. On the following

pages, you will find fundamental information about registration, test-day policies, rules to protect the

integrity of the exam, and post-test procedures. This includes a brief overview of exam content and

scoring, a list of contacts and online services, as well as other helpful information.

The information included in this guide is necessary for a smooth registration and testing experience. At

the time of registration and on test day, you will be asked to certify that you have read,

understand, and agree to comply with the policies and procedures contained within The MCAT


If you are a returning examinee, you must read The MCAT Essentials guide associated with your new

registration. The MCAT Essentials is subject to change. The version applicable to you is that which was

in effect at the time of registration.

Please contact us if you have questions after reading the guide. You will find contact listings for MCAT

staff and related resources in Appendix A.

All of us at the AAMC would like to wish you much success as you move forward with your career in

medicine. The path you have chosen will have many challenges, but the rewards will long outweigh


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