Human Needs Will Grow Your Relationships




My name is Michael Dengler and I am the creator of this book and a

relationship and hospitality industry coach. I decided to create this

self help guide after speaking with numerous clients over the past

few years who have all had the same road blocks within their

relationships. If you’re reading his book I am willing to bet you may

have encountered at some point in your life one of these issues with

your relationship partner. The common theme we’re going to talk

about today is the six human needs, which was first created by

Abraham Maslow in 1943. This concept sounds so simple….Just six

human needs right? However once you really break down and

analyze each need and think about how you apply them in your life

and relationships I think you will have a mindset shift. Most people if

you ask them couldn’t name two of the six human needs, let alone

give you a description or how they may apply to the relationships in

your life.

After reading this EBook you should have a solid understanding of

the six human needs, how they connect to your relationships, how to

rank them in your life, and how to apply them to your relationships

so you can become more connected with your partner.

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