Human Needs Will Grow Your Relationships




The first of the six human needs we’re going to talk about is certainty. This can

include safety, health, security or money. People who like to feel certain generally

have a high priority for the those things. Certainty is a need we equate to comfort.


Variety is considered almost the opposite of certainty. People who like variety in their

life enjoy constant change, entertainment, and the unknown. They don’t like boredom

and predictability in their life and are always looking for new ways to stimulate their



Significance is feeling important or needed. People who put a high value on

significance are people are always striving to gain importance in the eyes of others

and to establish their identities.

Love & Connection

Love & connection is when people are looking for that strong bond with others. You

have a need to be loved and to love. They also have a need for belong.


Growth is the need to demonstrate learning, discovery, and creativity. People who

enjoy growth are never ending students of life and are always looking for personal

development ideas and ways to move their life forward. If they aren’t growing

mentally and spiritually they tend to get frustrated until they see some progress.


Contribution is the last of the six human needs. People who tend to value

contribution are givers and enjoy expanding and sharing with others. They value

giving over receiving and usually are leaders of charity organizations. Contributing

makes them feel good and they do it because it makes a difference in someone's life

not for their personal gain.

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