Human Needs Will Grow Your Relationships



Ranking the six human needs

In this section of the book I would like to explain how ranking the

six human needs in your life from importance standpoint is key.

Now that you know the six human needs and a brief description

of each need I would like you to rank the needs from one to six

on how you value them in your life and in your relationship. You

may be saying to yourself, “Michael I have no idea which one I

like the best or the fifth best”. If that is the case I want you to take

a few minutes and really think about this because once you put a

priority on each one you will then be able to take care not only

your needs but your partner's needs. Let me give you an

example. Personally I always rank my top three needs and the

other three normally are pretty close. Right now here is my

ranking: 1. Growth 2 Certainty 3 Significance. I would

recommend that you not only do this exercise with yourself but

with your partner. I would do it separately and then come

together and share your rankings. I am willing to bet that if you

guys are having issues in your relationship that you aren’t aligned

in the same order with your six human need priorities.

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