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Winter 2017 Volume 11, Issue 4 Brunswick Centre Newsletter Healthy Hearts Everyone needs to take care of their heart but it is even more important for those living with HIV. The HIV infection is known to have an inflammatory effect on the heart, and some anti-HIV medications contribute to an increase in blood fats, which are damaging for the heart. To help tackle this problem, the Brunswick Centre has produced a series of Healthy Heart Videos, packed full of simple, practical and effective tips to help you take care of your heart. We focused on the following, areas we felt that we can all take personal responsibility for: Managing stress Eating well Stopping smoking Movements to boost circulation and strengthen the heart Funded by “Big Lottery - Awards for All” and using some of our experienced practitioners, we spent a couple of days in the autumn filming these videos, which we hope you will enjoy and find useful. Our idea was to produce something that service users can refer to time and again and share with friends to maximise the benefits and the amount of people we are reaching. Personal Trainer, Kim Tomlin kicks off the videos with her movements to boost circulation and strengthen the heart. The heart is a muscle and like any other muscle it needs to be worked to keep it strong, so Kim’s body weight movement programme is perfect. She did 2 videos, one for those who are used to exercise and want more of a challenge, and one for those who are feeling less able and are new to exercise, so whatever your fitness levels you can take part. Kim runs sessions at the Brunswick Centre, once a month too, contact us to book your place. Eating well is so important for our heart health, but with so many mixed messages about food out there it is great to get some sound advice from the Brunswick Centre’s dietician Kirsten Foster. Kirsten takes us through a healthy plate, explaining which food groups we need to focus on for a healthy heart. Prolonged stress can lead to high blood pressure and add to inflammatory conditions, so it makes sense to keep stress and anxiety levels to a minimum when we are thinking about heart health. To help with this, Heidi Etherington takes us through some simple shiatsu massage techniques to help us feel more relaxed and in control. We’ve also produced a guided relaxation video, as we know it’s not always easy to relax when you are on your own and trying to relax! Dru Yoga tutor Isabel Carter takes you through a relaxation process, which you can use time and again to soothe jangled nerves. She also takes us through some simple yoga movements to release tension and boost the circulatory system. In the last of our videos Farzana Ali talks about smoking and gives advice for those wanting to quit and the related benefits of doing so. Dr Lindsay M Short, Clinical Lead in Sexual Health/HIV Services at Calderdale &Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust says: “Taking care of your health is important for everyone but especially for people living with HIV. This is a great opportunity to review your lifestyle and make any changes to keep you and your heart healthy into the future.” You can find the videos at resources/healthy-heart Please check them out and share with others. We hope you enjoy them and find them useful! Special points of interest: Healthy Hearts self care videos Allotment Project Update Welcome to our University of Bradford Student Social Worker Update on National HIV Testing Week Inside this issue: Evening Drop-in Consultation 2 Fitness for All 3 Aging & HIV 4 LGB&T Domestic Abuse project 3 Africa Rise 5 Useful Contacts 6

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