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Page 2 Brunswick Centre Newsletter Evening Drop-In Consultation – Snapshot of the feedback Caption describing picture or graphic. the majority of those who had attended, the experience was described as either good or excellent Fifty two of you took part in the consultation and we would firstly like to thank you all for your participation. The winners of the prize draw have been informed. Out of those who took part roughly half had attended the evening dropin, and half had never attended. There were a variety of reasons why people hadn’t attended including people stating that they didn’t feel the need to or were not comfortable with group type situations. For the majority of those who had attended, the experience was described as either good or excellent. Almost everyone, whether they had attended or not, agreed that focus and activities were beneficial. We asked specific questions about the timing, day, frequency and location of the evening group. The majority of people, whether they had attended or not, were satisfied with the current arrangements. When we asked further about individual preferences, about half responded. The preferences were so varied that there was no clear majority. Some people who attend the evening dropin regularly had asked for the day to Allotment Project be changed to Wednesday so that it could link in with yoga at the Centre, and so that sessions were not lost as a result of bank holidays. We asked if it would make a difference to people if the drop-in stopped running and over half of respondents said that it would not. This was largely because they do not currently attend, however a number of those thought it may have an impact on those who do attend. Important for those who said it would make a difference was support from others, being able to talk in a safe environment and share with people with the same condition. Over the last year the number of attendees at the evening drop-in has varied and we to consider whether this is an effective and economically viable use of available resources. For now, we have decided to continue with the evening group drop-in but, as suggested, will change the day to Wednesday so that it links to the yoga group. The yoga starts at 4.30pm and runs until 5.30pm. There will be a break from 5.30pm until 6pm during which people can stay at the Centre. We will not be providing food but people are welcome to bring in food to eat during the break. The evening drop-in will run from 6pm – 8pm and will have the same focus and have complementary therapy tasters although we will be planning in more social type activities as suggested in the feedback from the consultation. Please note that if you attend yoga, you do not have to stay on for the evening drop-in and you can attend the evening group drop-in without attending the yoga. If you would like to know more about the Evening Drop-In, please contact Steve, Dionne or Cath on the office number or their work mobile. Our allotment project started six months ago. Much of the work done by members of the allotment project over the last six months has been tidying the plot to get it into a position where planting can begin. The plot was overgrown and full of weeds as it had not been tended to for a while before the previous tenant gave it up. It was too late in the season to be able to plant but there was an existing crop of fruit to be harvested – apples and a variety of berries. Some of the crop was given to the Centre for destitute or people on low incomes and was also used as a healthy snack at the evening drop-in. The members of the allotment project also hosted an evening for our service users. Having cleared and tidied the plot, the next step for members is to agree plans for planting. This will include planting fruit, vegetables and herbs and making decisions about what to do with the produce. Service users have spoken about the health benefits of spending time outside and in the ‘fresh air’ and of the exercise that working on the allotment provides them with. One person fed back that he finds that the time he spends on the allotment helps him to ‘calm down’. Another has commented that it provides him with the opportunity to get out and meet others. One person said that it provides some focus in that it gives him something to do. On a more general level our service users have also benefitted from produce harvested at the allotment. The allotment has shown how well the service users have worked together and they have developed a sense of camaraderie, commitment and also pride in their achievements. The allotment group is looking for more members to join this year. You do not have to have experience of gardening, just an interest and willingness to get involved and help out. If you are interested, please contact Steve on the office number or his work mobile 07976 402198. Steve can arrange to take you to view the plot and to meet existing members.

Page 3 Volume 11, Issue 4 Therapist Top Tip There are a lot of stomach bugs going around at the moment, if you find yourself with a painful, griping tummy try this very simple yoga posture to help relieve the pain. Lie on the floor on your front. Fold your arms so that you can rest your head on your hands. Walk your feet and legs out as wide as feels comfortable, turning the toes to point outwards and the heels inwards. Breathe deeply into your abdomen, so that you feel the tummy expand as you inhale and relax as you exhale, so that you are very aware of the connection your abdomen makes with the earth. Rest here for as long as you feel comfortable. When you are ready to come out, walk your feet back together, put your hands under your shoulders and push yourself up and back into to kneeling. Fitness For All There are many benefits, emotional and physical, to getting more exercise. Here are some of the benefits our service users have told us they have experienced after taking up regular exercise. Increased stamina and improved strength, Boosted energy levels and mood, Improved circulation, lower blood pressure, stronger heart, Reduction in back and joint pain, Better sleep quality, Improved digestion, Weight management. At The Brunswick Centre we have lots of ways to help you back into fitness. Exercise doesn’t just have to be about going to the gym (although we can help you with that too!), we organise a range of fun and social fitness activities, suitable for all abilities. Even better, all our sessions are run by fully qualified and experienced practitioners who are able to adapt the movements to suit everyone. Fun, friendly and effective weekly yoga sessions at The Brunswick Centre in Huddersfield on Wednesdays 4.30 – 5.30pm Regular guided walks during the lighter months – a great way to meet people. Evening group activities such as Wii fit, talks from fitness providers such Kirklees Active Leisure and Guided Movement sessions with our Trager, Somatics and Remedial Massage practitioner Chris Halliday. Gardening group – Meeting at our allotment, this is a fabulous social way to get fit, enjoy the fresh air and taste the benefits of your work! Fitness sessions with personal trainer Kim Tomlin. Kim takes us through a series of movements, shows us how to adapt to suit our individual needs so that we can practice at home and shares her enthusiasm for healthy eating. The next session is Saturday March 4th. If you’d like to find out more about any of the activities mentioned please do contact your Cath, Dionne or Steve . all our sessions are run by fully qualified and experienced practitioners who are able to adapt the movements to suit everyone. Your Voice Counts feedback ... Last quarter we received 51 feedback forms from our service users providing us with feedback on our services. We are grateful to those who took the time to give us their feedback. We want to encourage all service users to let us know how they experienced our services as this helps us keep up standards and make improvements. All feedback is important and we report it to our trustees and commissioners. Of the 51 feedback froms received in the quarter : 39 Service users rated the service excellent 11 Rated the service good 1 Rated the service average Nobody rated the service poor Comments included: ‘Anne was absolutely brilliant - hugely welcoming and warm’ ‘Perfect.’. ‘Today was perfect. Very satisfied with today’. ‘Really enjoyed the shiatsu. It was good’. ‘Discussion on memory was interesting’

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