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Selwyn Times: May 02, 2018

12 Wednesday

12 Wednesday May 2 2018 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Your Local Views Readers respond to the Selwyn Times’ article on the district council’s plans to permanently chlorinate the Sheffield-Waddington and Malvern Hills Hartleys Rd water supplies Julie Baker –We are on the Malvern Hills Hartleys Rd water supply. When I received the letter from the council on this subject I was very upset. We love our Greendale water. It has no smell and we have never had a boil notice. I recently thought I could smell chlorine in the water, I phoned Murray England and he told me that they had already treated the water with emergency powdered chlorine and that the smell I was getting wouldn’t last long. But it is still there and I am so upset that the smell will continue to be there forever. Mr England said that it wouldn’t be such a strong smell using the gas chlorine that is planned. But the water to me, is undrinkable now. I had no idea that the council were thinking of doing this. I understand it is in the Long Term Plan, but of course, if I’m happy, I don’t go looking for something to complain about. I hope that someone high up in the council can do something about this. Greg White – I live in Coalgate and I have had no warning letters or emails to say the water changes are taking place. I would agree with Glentunnel Township Committee chairman Reg Anderson’s quote. Thanks for the efforts in getting this information out there. Panos Tsavousis – My view on this is no. Why are there only two options? And the way the question is framed – it is chlorine or E. coli. Christchurch has chosen to chlorinate for a year until the problem is fixed and then stop using it. Why is that not an option for us? Bill Woods – So chlorination is going to be mandatory as ultra violet treatment is not residual, but chlorination is. Who are they trying to fool? Springfield has been chlorinated from day one (30+ years) and we get “boil water” notices. To make matters even worse they tell us they are going to waste our money by installing UV treatment in all water supplies, even though it has no purpose if water is chlorinated. Russell Blackney – I am totally against our water supply being permanently chlorinated. This should not happen and I hope public support is strong enough to halt this stupid idea in its tracks. Hamish Middleton – Residents need to mooooooo’ve into action to find out the real reason chlorination is needed. Jaed During – How can putting chemicals in our drinking water be safe? Greed of industry has stuffed our rivers and the environment and the solution is to slowly poison the people, while giving away their pure water supply. The hypocrisy is sickening. Paul Hewett – Well Environment Canterbury gave all the nice water to the dairy farmers. David Simons – It’s a cheap way to not have to actually deal with the water purity problem. Stephanie Hagerty – And so it starts. Wait and see how long it will take all councils to do the same. Craig Orr – Drinking water that no one will drink, how does that work again? Bella Huddleston – It tastes awful. Mel Chalmers – The smell is so strong. It smells like a swimming pool, it tastes gross. And is making my skin very itchy. Supermarkets will more than likely see a rise in sales of bottled water now. Belinda Taylor – My daughter has been drinking it from the tap as she drinks heaps of water. She forgot to get it through the fridge filter, it was burning her throat it’s that disgusting. Margaret Gamblin – I just buy bottled water until they stop putting that chlorine in our water supply, unfortunately, I still have to shower in it. Monique Opsomer – It is disgusting. Anthea Reynolds responds to the Selwyn Times’ article on plans to build a pyrolysis processing plant designed to break down end-of-life tyres and plastics in Burnham The tyre recycling plant sounds beneficial provided Eneform Ltd do everything agreed to in the resource consent. It sounds better than allowing leachate, and presumably there will be employment for local people. As it runs on its ownproduced gas, it seems to be as environmentally-friendly as we are able to make it with current knowledge and technology. Specialists @ Individuality • Focus on sustainability • Award winning family owned business • Proven reputation of quality • Full architectural design package NATIONAL “HOY” WINNER plus GOLD RESERVE 2016 View our display home Phone Jesse 021 701 265 or visit Canterbury

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday May 2 2018 13 Local News Now Gary Knight responds to the Selwyn Times’ article about a potential bylaw aimed at cracking down on mobile traders across the district Fire rages, homes at risk Implementation of potential bylaws aimed at regulation of commercial activities in public places must be approached with a sense of reality. With the increase to the existing status of mobile food traders in the district anomalies exist as to their future. Having the common right law to occupy public roads, but often causing conflicting views from existing restaurants and cafes having financial overheads would deem the passing of any civic bylaws relating to this sensitive issue be done with a sense of rationale. Any legislature therefore while not diminishing the rights of traders must also ensure they do not encroach path of right within close proximity to established food outlets, restaurants and cafes. Readers respond to the Selwyn Times’ article on plans to build another 25m pool in the Selwyn Aquatic Centre Lynette Webber – The proposed pool should be 50m, not 25m. Rolleston is the town of the future and the Selwyn district is only going to continue to grow. The district council needs to think big and think long-term. It is very short-sighted to only build yet another 25m pool just as it was short-sighted not to build a bigger facility five years ago when the pool was originally built. The centre is a wonderful resource that so many different members of the community can use of all ages. Let’s stand out as being a progressive community, branching out and doing what so many other councils have not had the future focus to do. A 50m done right could be used for South Island and national championships not just Canterbury’s. Please get it right this time and build a 50m pool. Cleve Prescott – The Selwyn District Council’s Fast Forward ’28 is a plan for the next 10 years. It could be up to four years, if not longer, before we see an improved pool. This being the case, I don’t expect any of our submissions to cause a delay to the design and planning of the new pool. Your submissions are important for the Selwyn district as a whole, Those saying yes as well as the those saying no, we all have an opinion, please express it before Friday’s cut-off date. Your council needs you to tell them what you wish to see. With information supplied in the council information sheet, they expect to issue 817 building permits per year Selwyn-wide, down from 1000 as it has been. With three people to a house, there will be 2451 new residents each year, the high schools will be at full capacity by then, along with and increase in primary school rolls. The military is using the pool during the winter period, with an increase in training at the camp, we can expect to see increased personnel making use of the facilities. With Jellie Park closed during the winter months, there is no 50m pool anywhere. Readers respond to the Selwyn Times’ article on Falcoln’s Landing, a new subdivision in Rolleston featuring bird-themed street names Jennifer and Craufurd Murray – What about street/ lane/crescent/avenue names like Sparrowhawk, Goshawk, Peregrine, Red Kite, Kestrel, Harrier, Osprey, Merlin, Morepork, Karearea (NZ Hawk), Buzzard, Gyrfalcon, Eagle. The developers could also use associated words like Perlin, Jess, Eyrie, Eaglet, Talon, Lure, Hobby, Tercel, Eyas. We think that names like Squawk are ridiculous. Hope the developers decide to re-think. Julie Hide – It sounds as if a group of people have made an attempt at being “trendy.’’ Anything would steer me, and many others, it seems, away from the street and the subdivision. Give Falcon’s Landing the respectability it deserves. If the council wishes to come up with some interesting bird facts for the basis of naming streets, why not consult the Forest and Bird society for suggestions? Kaydee Francis – Hell no, won’t be building there. Hamish Middleton – We pay these councillors – why? Karin Brownlee – Squawk St, change it to Scream Place. Heather Stricke – Stupid. CREATE THE DREAM Montessori & Early Childhood Preschool • We Offer a Friendly, Fun and supportive environment – only 5 minutes from Rolleston. • We believe that Tamariki thrive in a peaceful, structured and caring environment, full of fun and challenges. • We Offer focused, balanced curriculums that prepare Tamariki for the next step in their learning journey. • We value diversity within our Tamariki and their whānau and this is reflected in our whānau focused philosophy. • We have 3 well resourced classrooms, caring for Tamariki from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. We are proud of our large, natural playgrounds that offer challenges for all ages. Call in to visit us today, meet the teachers and have a look around our school ENROL NOW FOR 2018 For enrolments please contact Jasmine or Kylie on 347-6161 Visit us at 643 Burnham School Road Download forms from Take control of the weather! LET US CREATE YOUR PERFECT OUTDOOR SPACE CALL US TODAY FOR A NO OBLIGATION QUOTE CHRISTCHURCH 55 Hands Road Ph: (03) 338 9063