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MagicWatch MWE800 Technical description


As these four examples show, situations can arise where the

device fails to display an object or does not display the shortest


The device does not relieve you of your obligation to take special

care when reversing. Therefore, always be extremely careful

when reversing.

If an object enters the blind spot of the sensors, MagicWatch automatically

shows the distance to the next object. This means the

piezo speaker changes from fast to medium beeps and the display

shows a different distance.

In this case, always stop the vehicle immediately and investigate

the situation.

5.3 Control elements

The control box has the following control elements:

No. in

fig. 10, page 6


1 Connection for the connecting cable to the display.

2 Connection for the for sensor cables.

Observe the designation on the sensor cable and on

the main unit.

3 Control for adjusting the sensor sensitivity.

Turn the control clockwise to increase the sensitivity.

4 Supply line connection.


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