Umschlag 095 804 C

Umschlag 095 804 C


Charging the rechargeable batteries

Plug the charger into the socket. Turn

the switch to "OFF". Charge for at least

19 hours. The charger will warm up but

this is not harmful.

Unplug the charger from the socket

after charging. If the suction power

becomes noticeably weaker, charge

the rechargeable batteries for at least

another 19 hours.



Picture A

Switch on the appliance by pressing and

turning the switch to the left or the right.

Turn the switch to the central position to

switch the appliance off.

Picture B (BKS303. / BKS304.)

Suction hose

Fit the suction hose in the suction port.

Vacuuming keyboards, etc

Blowing out

Picture C (BKS303. / BKS304.)

Fit the exhaust hose in the exhaust port

Vacuuming liquids

Picture D (with BKS304. only)

Empty the nozzle before vacuuming

liquids. Fit the top (picture 10) back onto

the cordless vacuum cleaner.

Empty the nozzle immediately after

vacuuming liquids.


Only our after-sales service or an exclusive

dealer should replace the rechargeable




Press button (picture 3) and pull the

nozzle out.

Take out the coarse filter (picture 5)

and replace if necessary.

Empty the nozzle.

Take off the fine filter (picture 4), shake

it or replace if necessary.

The nozzle must be cleaned by hand

and in lukewarm water only. The thread

lifters will come loose in a dishwasher.

Insert the new filter and clip the nozzle

into place.

Fit the water protection (picture 10)

on the filter, insert the filter and clip

the nozzle into place (BKS 304.).

Replacement filters can be obtained from

the after-sales service or exclusive dealers.

(Order number BKZ30AF)


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