Politirapport - Folketinget


Politirapport - Folketinget


The report is based on a qualitative interview study among police cadets

and permanent police officers. Both cadets and officers, respectively ethnic

Danish and with an ethnic minority background, have been interviewed.


The analysis suggests that a lack of awareness among employees and

management with respect to the significance and effects of their way of

speaking – as opposed to ill will – can explain the internal police jargon.

However, the result is that colleagues with an ethnic minority background may

feel belittled.

The analysis further indicates that the police are not always sensitive to,

or aware of, the fact that workplace challenges can be, to some extent,

conditioned by the employee’s ethnicity, and therefore call for a special effort.

It is worth mentioning that the interview data behind the report give an

impression of the Danish police force as an institution characterised by great

commitment and one which employees are predominantly happy to be a part

of, irrespective of their ethnic origin. There is, thus, a good basis for dealing

with the conditions indicated in the report.


The question of equal treatment is crucial when DIHR chooses to conduct

an investigation such as the one underlying this report. It can be argued

that the police in particular, as one of the strongest symbols of the state,

should reflect the ethnic diversity of Danish society. This argument is often

linked to the issue of public trust. Central state entities cannot be ethnically


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