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Nonetheless, it is important that the police take the jargon seriously and dare

to set some limits to what can be said to one another or the kind of language

that can be used at muster, in the guardroom, etc. Under the Act on the

Prohibition of Differential Treatment in the Labour Market, it is management’s

responsibility to ensure a harassment-free environment.

Going up the chain of command to pass comment on one’s experiences

is reportedly more easily said than done; one risks putting relations with

colleagues to the test and police officers rely heavily on solidarity among

colleagues when under pressure.

It seems likely that the internal police environment is not conducive to

making those with an ethnic minority background feel that there is space

for them. This runs the risk that those who have already been admitted will

become harder to retain and that others will rule out the police as a possible

career option from the outset.


The third part of the report concerns a number of considerations and concrete

recommendations expressed by the interviewees with respect to attaining a

police force characterised by greater ethnic diversity.

There seems to be a recurring notion in the responses that in the effort to

reach the target of a more diverse police force there should be no loosening

of the requirements or ‘selling out’ on the principles of how a police officer

should behave. Rather, the effort to identify and motivate obvious candidates

should be intensified.

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