Politirapport - Folketinget


Politirapport - Folketinget


The respondents urge that the police acknowledge and articulate, to a greater

degree than they have done so far, that there are aspects of being a police

officer with an ethnic minority background that are problematic and need to

be addressed. Thus, many of the respondents call for greater openness on

the subject.

Finally, an important element in attaining a more diverse police force is to

ensure that officers with ethnic minority backgrounds are represented in

central and visible positions within the organisation. This could help the

public to begin thinking of the police as a profession not limited to ethnic

Danes but one that persons with ethnic minority backgrounds can also follow.

From an equal treatment perspective, attention should always be paid to

considering competent officers with an ethnic minority background on an

equal footing with their ethnic Danish colleagues as relevant candidates when

interesting positions are open, regardless of whether or not there are targets

for increased ethnic diversity in the police at a given time.

DIHR hopes that this study will inspire not only the police, in their further

work to ensure equal treatment and diversity, but other actors as well. It is our

opinion that the problems addressed in the report are in many ways relevant

to the labour market in general.


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