Forskningsberetning 2011 - Nationalmuseet

Forskningsberetning 2011 - Nationalmuseet

Gregory, David; Jensen, Poul; Strætkvern, Kristiane; Lennaerts, Tom; Pieters, Marnix: A

preliminary Assessment of the State of Preservation of the Wreck of the Belgica. Relicta, 7. Vlaams

Institut voor het onroerend erfgoed, Brussels, p. 145-142, 2011.

Grøntoft, Terje ; López-Aparicio, Susana ; Scharff, Mikkel ; Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten ; Andrade,

Guillermo ; Obarzanowski, Michal ; Thickett, David: Impact loads of air pollutants on paintings:

Performance evaluation by modeling for microclimate frames, Journal of the American Institute of

Conservation, 50, no. 2, Fall/Winter, p. 105-122, 2011.

Larsen, Poul Klenz: Determination of water content in salt contaminated brick masonry using

gypsum blocks and a dielectric probe. Bauinstandsetzen und Baudenkmalpflege: eine internationale

Zeitschrift 17, no. 5 p. 275-288, 2011.

Larsen, Poul Klenz; Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten; Boehm, Benny; Aasbjerg Jensen, Lars:

Museumsmagasiner med lavt energiforbrug. HVAC Magasinet nr. 4, april, p. 76-81, 2011.

Pastorelli, Gianlucca; Richter, Jane; Shashoua, Yvonne: Photoageing of Baltic amber – Influence of

daylight radiation behind window glass on surface colour and chemistry. Polymer Degradation and

Stability 96, p.1996–2001, 2011.

Rischel, Anna-Grethe: Papirhistorien, belyst ved undersøgelser af centralasiatisk papir fra Lou-Lan,

Dun Huang og Turfan, Meddelelser om konservering, nr. 2, p. 3-13, 2011.

Ryhl-Svendsen, Morten; Boehm, Benny: Analysis of the thermal conditions in an unheated

museum store in a temperate climate. On the thermal interaction of earth and store. Energy and

Buildings 43, p. 3337-3342, 2011.

Saheb, Mandana ; Marsal, F.; Matthiesen, Henning ; Neff, Delphine ; Dillmann, Philippe ;

Pellegrini, D., Fluctuation of redox conditions in radioactive waste disposal cell: characterisation of

corrosion layers formed on archaeological analogues. Corrosion, Engineering, Science and

Technology 46, p. 199-204, 2011.


Hollesen, Jørgen; Matthiesen, Henning: The effect of temperature on the decomposition of urban

layers at Bryggen in Bergen. Department of Conservation, report no 11031048. Nationalmuseet,

Bevaringsafdelingen, 2011.

Matthiesen, Henning ; Hollesen, Jørgen: Preservation conditions above the groundwater level at the

rear of Nordre Bredsgården, Bryggen in Bergen. Reopening of testpit for 2006 and installation of

monitoring equipment. Department of Conservation, report no 11031047. Nationalmuseet,

Bevaringsafdelingen, 2011.

Matthiesen, Henning: Preservation conditions at dipwells MB34 and MB35 at Finnegården,

Bryggen, Bergen. Department of Conservation, report no 11031261, Nationalmuseet,

Bevaringsafdelingen, 2011.


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