Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


Pardosa glacialis Thorell, 1872.

This species is one of the most widely diffused on the Amer-

:an continent. It is found on the west coast of Greenland and

outhward along the coast of Labrador

nd Newfoundland to Maine and Massach-

usetts, on all mountains above the trees,

md in bogs across Canada to the Pacific

md Arctic coasts. Several specimens of

)Oth sexes were found at Stormkap, June

1907, all freshly molted and distinctly

Tiarked. Two females from Hvalrosodden,

jeginning of July 1908, have the cocoons

)f eggs with them. The epigynum of this species varies much in

ihape, and these specimens all have the common form shown in

ng. 7.


Vidensk. Medd. fra Dansk naturli. Foren. Bd. 70. 10

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