Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


A ventral gland is present. 1 have not been able to ascertain

the place of the pore.

The female apparatus is symmetricai ;


is situated somewhat

before the middle of the body. The ovaries are very long; their

ends are not reflexed. No mature eggs are seen in the uterus.

Length 4,i mm.

CC — 86(?); ^ = 16,o; ;- = 42,7.

Anticoma Bastian.

Anticoma pellucida Bastian.

PI. II, ligs. 1, 7. 8.

1865. Anticoma pellucida Bastian, Monograph p. 142.

1874. — limalis Butschli, Zur Kenntniss &c. p. 35.

1886. — pellucida de Man, Anat. Unters. p. 53.

1914. — — Southern. Clare Island Survey, p. 22.

1916. — — var. limalis, Steiner. Freil. Nemat. a. d.

Barentsee. p. 654.

Kattegat; off Frederikshavn, c. 5 fms. On Halidrys.

Limfjord; off the northern coast of Isl. Fur, 2— 6 fms.

— Ørodde, on bridge pillars.

— Skælholmen, 2— 4 fms.

Little Belt: off Snoghøj, c. 30 m.

Kongebro; on Hydroids.

off Lyngs Odde.

Several specimens were taken. Among the females. very pre-

dominant in number, some are found with the tail considerably

longer than shows the figure of de Man. The examining of the

literature proves that these apparently aberrant specimens agree with

Butschli's A. limalis. In his paper dealing with the anatomy of

Nematodes from the North-Sea de Man points out the named

difference between the two forms without venturing to settle the

question of the identity of .4. pellucida and Å. limalis. In 1916

Steiner is of opinion that Butschli's Å. limalis is a mere

variety of .4. pellucida. I must confess that 1 do not agree per-

fectly with Stein er in this respect. in my material is found a

number of wellmarked long-tailed specimens (PI. II, fig. 1), but also

typical short-tailed specimens are found which seem to agree well with

de Man's fig. 8, Taf. IX. Finally are found some in which the length

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