Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


10 the peculiar shape of the tail tapering strongly behind the anus

to a thin filament which can be quite short as in H. rohiistiis,

but which can also aitain a considerable length as in the species

from the Sound. H. lonfjicaiuia. Only in //. Menzelii the shape of

the tail is not so well-marked as in the others. The buccal cavity

is of the same type in all and does not appear to vary consider-


A feature peculiar to this genus is its voracity ; some

of the

species have proved to feed upon other Nematodes. I have found

the intestine of // rolnistus filled with Nematodes in a more or

less digested condition, and my fig. 4, PI. XVI, shows two very

characteristic corpora delicta from the intestine of the same species.

Halichoanolaimus robustus {Bastian).

1865. Spiliphera robusta Bastian, Monograph. p. 166.

1874. — — Butschli, Zur Kenntn. d. freil. Nemat.

p 46.

1883. Halichoanolaimus robustus de Man, Quelques Némat. p, 38.

1914. — — Southern, Clare Island Survey.

p. 24.

Little Belt; oFf Lyngs Odde. c. 30 m.

— Kongebro ;

shallow water.

— off Snoghøj.

Four specimens in all were taken at the above named localities.

The Sound ;

Halichoanolaimus longicauda n. sp.

Fl. V. figs.

.->. 7. S: PI. VI. fi};s. li. 7: PI. XVI. tig. 4.

off Hellebæk, gravel and shells.

This species of which 7 specimens were taken, 4 females and

3 males, differs from H. robiistus on account of its size, the female

attaining 5,.s mm, the male c. 4,:, mm.

From the diagnose of the genus, given by de Man in 1888

it differs in so far as it is considerably long-tailed. But it is only

the filament, in which the tail is terminating, that is long; the tail

itself is of quite the same shape as in the species of Bastian.

The named filament varies considerably in length in the different

specimens and appears in more cases to have been exposed to

molestation or injury. A male, the length of which measured 3,«

mm had a tail of 486 // ; in a female. S,-, mm in length the tail

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