Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


Fe male. Male.

Length : 5,3 mm. 3,6 mm.

a ^=- 46. a = 37.

/? = 7,4. /? = 5,5.

;- = 118]. ;- = [7].

Halichoanolaimus Menzelii n. sp.

PI. VI, fig 2: PI. VII, figs. 1. 8.

Little Belt; off Middelfart, c. 30 m, clean sand.

A single specimen was taken, a male. the length of which measures

5,9 mm.

The shape of the body resembles that of the other species,

belonging to this genus; it only tapers very slightly towards each

extremity. While the width about in the middle of the body

measures 80 fi it is at the level of the lateral organ 75 /i. The

head is truncate. The tail does not taper so abruptly as is the

case in the two other species. The cuticle shows, as usual in this

genus, a transverse striation which, in the species in question, is

rather coarse. Also transverse rows of minute points are present

they can be seen over the entire surface of the animal excepting

the region of the lateral organ, where they are lacking.

The front end is provided with papillæ (?) and, in contradis-

tinction to the two other species, with rather long setæ which pre-

sumably have the same position as the minute setæ in H. robustus.

The shape of the buccal cavity is typical ; the anterior part is of

considerable width tapering somewhat posteriorly and the posterior

part narrow andp rovided with stout chitinous thickenings. De Man

indicates three thickenings for H. robiistus ; in the species under

consideration I have with certainty seen four but I am inclined to

mean that there are six in all (PI. VI, fig. 2).

The lateral organ is spiral-shaped and jather large ; the dia-

meter attains 21 i(.

The æsophagus does not increase at all towards the posterior

end and is of the same width throughout its whole length. The

nerve-ring is very indistinct and it has not been possible to as-

certain its place.

The intestine is crowded with brown pigment granules. I have

not succeeded in finding the ventral gland ; I presume that it is

present but relatively small.


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