Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


Thoracostoma Marion.

Thoracostoma denticaudatum (Schneider).

PI. 1. lig. 0.

1866. Enoplus denticaudatum Schneider, Monographie. p. 58.

1874. Thoracostoma Schneideri BiJtschli, Zur Kenntniss d. &c.

p. 42.

1888. Thoracostoma denticaudatum de Man, Sur quelques Némat.

p. 22.

1900. Thoracostoma denticaudatum Linstow, Fauna arctical. p. 126.

1914. — — Southern, Clare Island Survey,

p. 39.

1916. Thoracostoma denticaudatum Filipjev, Les Nématodes libres

p. 88.

Little Belt; Middelfart, the pier.

— off Lyngs Odde, c. 30 m.

Altogether four specimens were taken, two males and two fem-

ales. They are typical and agree well with the description of de

Man. As the „tooth" on the tail of the male seems to vary in

regard to size and shape I have Figured the tail of one of the

Danish specimens (PI. I, fig. 9).

Besides the above named four specimens some young spec-

imens are present from the Little Belt and from the Sound, prob-

ably belonging to this species, but as the immature females of the

genus in question are difficult to distinguish I cannot give a more

exact determination.

Thoracostomopsis n. g.

I have found it necessary to establish a new genus for a form

taken in Little Belt. In shape it is very like those Thoracostomes,

which have the tail constricted before the tip viz. Tlwracosloma

Strasseni Tiirck, Th. comes Tiirck and Th. aciiticandatum Jagerskiold.

In some respects it also seems to be related to the named

genus, the caudal gland being of quite the same structure and ar-

rangement and the front end being covered by a „thorax" quite

like that in Thoracostoma, but in other respects it appears to dif-

fer so considerably that it will be impossible to retain it under

the same genus.

From Thoracosloina the form under consideration differs in

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