Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


is open on one side (caudad); the shape is plainly seen in fig. 9.


The æsophagus is somewhat expanded in front and with its

musculature it embraces the largest part of the buccal cavity ; for

the rest it is of the same width and forms no bulb. The cells of

the intestine ara small and contain several pigment-granules. Ventral

gland seems to be lacking.

Vulva is found somewhat in front of the middle of the body.

The ovaries are symmetricai and relatively short ; they are re-

flexed and the tips of the reflexed branches almost touch one

another in the neigbourhood of the vulva (PI. IX, fig. 6). Vaginal

glands are not seen and vulva is very little prominent.

Only one testis is found. The spicules are slightly curved, ex-

panded in their proximal end and provided with a short, longitud-

inal list. Also in the distal end is seen a dilatation. The accessory

piece is of a rather peculiar aspect. It consists of a dark, almost

black, opaque chitinous mass; it embraces the tip of the spic-

ules and is provided with two backwardly projecting apophyses;

on each side is found a prominence not visible in the figure. The

accessory piece is very predominant in proportion to the spicules

which consist of a colourless, highly pellucid chitinous mass.

Fem a I e Male.

Length: 3,.i mm. 2.7 mm.

(C ^= 4\ri- r< -^ 41,

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