Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


are strongly curved have a dilatation in their proximal end ;


tally they are hook-shaped and the incurvate tip of the hook ends

in an acute point. An accessory piece is present; it has a long

caudad pointing apophysis and a shorter cephalad pointing pro-

minence (PI. XII. fig. 4).

Length :


Female. Male.

mm. 6,7 mm.

u = 82. « = 83.

/? = 7,4. fi = 6,8.

y = 55,1. y ^= 52.5.

Enoplus Dujardin.

Enoplus communis Bastian.

As this species is found in all tracts where I have been collect-

ing, it will be of no use to enumerate all the single localities,

many of these being near each other. 1 have taken the species in

question in the Limfjord in the neighbnurhood of Nykøbing and

Fur and in the Sallingsund; in Little Belt it was taken near Mid-

delfart, off Snoghøj, Lyngs Odde and at Kongebro; in the Sound

it was taken off Hellebæk. Further I have specimens from Kattegat,

off Frederikshavn and from Tyborøn, captured by P. Kramp

and kindly forwarded to me.

I have hitherto not succeeded in finding the smaller species,

E. hrevis which, according to de Man, is found together with E.

communis though I have paid attention to it.

Enoplolaimus de Man.

Enoplolaimus latignathus n. sp.

PI. XII. figs. 5. 6: Pi. XIII. figs. 1, 3. 4. 7 : PI. XIV. fig. 2: PI. XVI. fig. 3.

Little Belt; off Lyngs Odde, c. 30 m.

— off Snoghøj, c. 5 m.

Some few specimens of this species were taken. The length of

the female makes 5,6 mm, of the male c. 4,5 mm. The shape is

rather lengthened and slender, and the body is of almost uniform

Width ; in the region of the æsophagus it tapers somewhat. The

head is broad and of a shape that reminds one of Sagitta (PI.

XIII, fig, 1).

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