Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


have expressed doubt as to the justification of this. Sanzo has

described the postlarvæ of the two Mediterranean species, and has

thus placed it beyond all doubt that there really exist two species

in the Mediterranean. (R. C. T. I., Memoria XXXV, 1913>.

From the Atlantic, there are three forms, the two mentioned,

and another not yet described. Brauer (1906) has noted spec-

imens from the Atlantic under the name of Vincigiierria lucetia,

Garman ;

probably, the material included all three species. We

give below some of the principal specific characters for the three

species, which will, with the figures, show the difference between

them. We may add that Garman's description (1899) of Vinci-

guerria lucetia, together with his figure, does not permit of any

determination as to whether the Pacific form is identical with any

of the three from the Atlantic.

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