Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser

Contribiitions to the knowledge of the

postembryonal development of the Hydracarina.


C. Wesenberg-Lund.

Uuring my numerous excursions which furnished me with the

material for my different studies relating to the biology of aquatic

insects, I often had an opportunity to observe the numerous larvæ

of mites, which were to be found upon Dijstiscidæ, Hijdrocorcs

and Diptera especially Nematocera. For a couple of years I have

collected this material infested uith mites; I had the good fortune

frequently to commence observations relating to the biology which

interested me personally; my knowledge of the systematic and ana-

tomy of this group being small I had not the slightest idea whether

the collected material of objects and of observations had the charm of

novelty or only represented well established facts. I really confess

that even this point, upon that time of my study, was of very little

interest to me.

Some years ago I made a rather thorough study of the litter-

ature; to my astonishment I saw that most of my observations

with regard to the metamorphosis of the Hydrachnids were either

quite new or had been made only once before. Having finished

my „Furesøstudier" (1917) I intended to devote some years to

that study; however, 1 soon discarded this plan. Some years ago

Mag. L. Pedersen had commenced a more thorough systematic

faunistic study of the Hydrachnids; as Mag. Pedersen in 1917

became assistant at my laboratory I proposed to him to extend

his studies to the biology and especially to the metamorphosis of

the water mites. To my great satisfaction he agreed with my pro-

posal and I could devote my time to different groups of aquatic

insects, which really were nearer to my heart. We suppose that

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