Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser

posterior legs the darker; hind femora with a dense row of short

hairs below the basal half, these hairs have their apices curved

backwards and touching each other thus forming a characteristical

fringe (somewhat similar is found in alhipennis Wood); the hind

tibial bristles distinct though not strong. Wings somewhat dark

tinged, veins blackish ; costa nearly half the wing-length (0,46 — 0,4:),

costal divisions proportionately about as 4 — 2— 1; angle at fork

not large; costal cilia rather long; fourth vein evenly curved. Hal-

teres yellow. — Female. Similar to the male and distinguished

from albipennis by the wings and from pleuralis by the costal

divisions; hind femora without fringe. Length 1,7— 2 mm.

Bogø south of Sealand and Ry in Jutland V- — Vs in 1917 and

1918 (the author) ; a number of males and one female.

4. A. basispinata n. sp. J* •

A species related to the foregoing but easily distinguished by

the armature of the hind femora.

Male. Frons blackish grey, dull, not much broader than long;

bristles strong, inner bristle of lower row a little below the outer

and nearer to it than to the upper supraantennal bristle; supra-

antennals equal or practically so, the upper pair a little less distant

than the inner bristles of the middle row: the lower supraanten-

nåls only slightly more approximated than the upper. Antennæ

black, of ordinary size or a little over, arista distinctly pubescent.

Palpi well developed, yellow, with ordinary bristles. Thorax black

or greyish black; mesopleura with bristles of which one or two of

the lowermost are a little longer than the rest. Scutellum with

two bristles. Abdomen black, distinctly. greyish; generally very

narrow a little lighter hind margins to the segments are visible

the hindmarginal hairs on sixth segment distinct. Hypopygium not

small, on each side in the middle with an almost vertical row of

six or seven bristles, directed more or less downwards; ventral

plate yellowish, large, nearly reaching beyond the hypopygium,

broadest at the end and here broadly rounded; anal tube of medium

size, yellow. Legs brownish yellow or a little darker; hind femora

below at the base with two short rows alongside of somewhat stubby

bristles, the bristles of the anterior row directed downwards, those


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