Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser

of the posterior row directed more obliquely towards the apex

hind tibial bristles distinct but rather small. Wings clear or

nearly so, veins brown or yellowish brown ;

costa to near the

middle (0,47), costal divisions proportionately as 11 — 7— 2; angle

at fork of medium size; costal cilia long, fourth vein evenly curved.

Halteres yellow (in one specimen the balteres darkened and at the

same time the anal tube being brown with only apex yellow).

Length about 1,7 mm.

The armature of the hind femora reminds one of Beckeri Wood,

but besides by many other characters the present species is dis-

tinguished already by the yellow halteres.

Holte, Hillerød (Th. Mortensen), Ry in Jutland (the author),

'"/6— 'V? in 1917 and 1918; five males.

5. A. insons n. sp. c?.

Likewise nearly related to albipennis Wood, but smaller and

without the fringe below hind femora characteristical for that species.

Male. Frons grey, about l\-2 times as broad as long; inner

bristle of lower row somewhat below the outer and in about the

same distance from it as from the upper supraantennal ; supra-

antennal bristles not large, approximated, the lower ones rather

close to the upper and a little smaller. Antennæ black, arista dis-

tinctly pubescent. Palpi yellow, ordinary. Thorax black ; meso-

pleura bristly, with two (in the single specimen) somewhat large

bristles below. Scutellum with two bristles. Abdomen black. Hypo-

pygium not large, partly withdrawn, but with some bristles on each

side in an ascending line, and with a large, yellowish ventral

plate, broadly rounded at the end; anal tube thin but of rfiedium

length, brownish with the apex yellow. Legs brownish, hind femora

without any special clothing below, though with the short hairs

more dense towards the base than usual ; bristles on hind tibiæ

small and delicate. Wings clear or nearly so, veins brownish ;

costa 0,46 of the wing-length, costal divisions proportionately about

as 4—2— 1; costal cilia long; fourth vein evenly curved. Halteres

yellowish, somewhat dusky. Length 1,2 mm.

Holte ^^6 1917 (Th. Mortensen^ one male.


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