Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


Costa short, fringe short.

6. A. pungens n. sp. (^ .

A species near spinata Wood but amply distinguished.

Male. Frons black, slightly greyish and slightly shining, nearly

1\2 times as broad as long; inner bristle of lower row a little

below the outer and very distant from it, nearer the middle line

than the margin; upper supraantennals not large, approximated,

lower supraantennals very small. Antennæ rather small, brown,

arista not long, slightly pubescent. Palpi brown, of ordinary size

and armature. Thorax black, a little shining; mesopleura bristly and

with a long bristle which is not of the lowermost but placed about

in the middle among the small bristles. Abdomen black, somewhat

robust but tapering towards the end. Hypopygium small, for the

most part withdrawn, with a broad ventral plate, shorter than the

hypopygium and of yellowish colour; anal tube yellow, not long

but rather high, the apical hairs somewhat large. Legs brownish

or yellowish brown, hind femora a little more darkened towards

the apex, on the basal part below with some long, sparse hairs;

hind tibial bristles (about 14) distinct but not large. Wings slightly

yellowish tinged, veins brown; costa short, 0,42, costal divisions

proportionately about as 5— 2— 1 ; fourth vein evenly curved; costal

cilia short but only moderately, about on the border between short

and long. Halteres black. Length 1,4 mm.

Suserup Skov at Soro ^V? 1918 (Th. Mortensen); one male.

Mesopleura bristly, the bristles uniform.

Costa long, fringe short.

7. A. subnidda n. sp. c? ?

A species near Iiiteipea Schm. but much darker. and the female

with only two scutellar bristles.

Male. Frons black, about p4 times as broad as long, dis-

tinctly though not strongly shining, sometimes more greyish and a

little less shining; frontal bristles strong; inner bristle of lower

row a little below the outer and about equally distant from it and

from the upper supraantennal ; the upper supraantennals a little