Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


yellow with bristles of good size. Thorax black; mesopleura with

delicate bristles; scutellum with two bristles. Abdomen black.


popygium small, black or greyish black, with some small bristles

on the sides about as in carpalis but situated longer downwards

ventral plate in accordance with the hypopygium rather small, yel-

lowish, with the end broadly rounded ; anal tube small and dark

Legs brown, the front legs paler, yellow or brownish yellow ; front

metatarsus dilated but not fully so wide as the end of tibia and

thus less dilated than in carpalis, the other tarsal joints a little

stout; the whole tarsus yellowish, last joint darkened ; hind femora

with sparse longish hairs below the basal half; bristles on hind

tibiæ small, about II in number; the hind tibiæ rather short only

as long as the two first tarsal joints or not much longer. Wings

clear or almost hyaline, thick veins brown the others pale; costa

0,45 of the wing-length, costal divisions proportionately about as

9 — 4— 2; costal cilia long; fourth vein evenly curved. Halteres

black. Length 1,3 mm.

Holte =*% 1918 (Th. Mortensen), Bogø south of Sealand ^^7

and Vs 1917 (the author) ; three males.

Female. I possess a female taken in Ermelund '^'s 1918 which

may belong here ; it agrees well but the front tarsi are simple;

the wings are clear but a little darker than in the male.

9. A. subconvexa n. sp. J* ? .

Belonging to the same group as the foregoing. J

Male. Frons greyish black, somewhat broader than long; brist-

les strong, inner bristle of lower row slightly below the outer and

much nearer to it than to the upper supraantennal; supraantennal

bristles large, the upper placed a little nearer together than the

inner bristles of the middle row, the lower only a little weaker

than the upper and a little more approximated. Antennæ of or-

dinary size, black, arista distinctly pubescent. Palpi dark yellow

with somewhat long bristles. Thorax black, slightly shining; meso-

pleura with small bristles. Scutellum with two bristles. Abdomen

black. Hypopygium small, produced a little downwards and thus

higher than long, with about three quite small bristles or bristly

hairs on each side, placed in an oblique line from near the lower



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