Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


the hairs below hind femora short; bristles on hind tibiæ fine and

delicate. Wings slightly brownish tinged, veins brown ;

costa reach-

ing to the middle, costal divisions proportionately nearly as 4— 2— 1;

angle at fork ordinary; costal cilia moderately long; fourth vein

quite evenly curved. Halteres black. — Female. Similar to the

male, front tarsi constructed in the same way, the middle joints

fully as stout; wings with the fork longer but the angle the same.

Length 1,^ — 1,7 mm.

Ermelund \s 1918, Dyrehaven Ve 1919, Lyngby Mose ^Ve

1918 and Ry in Jutland "Vt 1918 (the author) ; three males and

three females.

11. A. nigripalpis n. sp. J*.

A species near alticolella Wood but with deep black palpi.

Male. Frons considerably broader than long, black, slightly

greyish; bristles strong, inner bristle of lower row somewhat below

the outer and nearer to it than to the upper supraantennal ; supra-

antennal bristles unequal, the lower pair somewhat weaker than

the upper; the upper supraantennals approximated, a little nearer

together than the inner bristles of middle row, the lower supra-

antennals still a little more approximated. Antennæ black, a little

above ordinary size, arista distinctly pubescent. Palpi of fair size,

black, the bristles rather strong. Thorax black; mesopleura bristly,

the bristles equal. Scutellum with two bristles. Abdomen black,

very slightly greyish. Hypopygium not large, on each side with

three or four bristles below in a somewhat oblique row continued

upwards in three vertically placed bristles; anal tube of medium

size or somewhat small, black. Legs black, the front legs slightly

paler, last joint of front tarsi deep black ; front tarsi dilated, the

metatarsus almost as broad as tibia ; the hairs below the basal part

of hind femora short and not dense; bristles on hind tibiæ some-

what small, not numerous, about 12 in number. Wings quite clear,

thick veins blackish, the others almost colourless; costa reaching

to the middle, costal dtvisions proportionately as 13 — 7— 4; costal

cilia long; fourth vein evenly curved. Halteres black. Length

1,8 mm.

Ermelund ^Ve 1919 (the author); one male.

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