Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


12. A. longiciliata n. sp. J*

A species related to nigripes Wood and Beckeri Wood but dis-

tinet from both.

Male. Frons greyish black, somewhat broader than long; brist-

les strong, inner bristle of lower row somewhat below the outer

and nearer to it than to the upper supraantennal; supraantennals

unequal, the lower about half as strong as the upper; the upper

supraantennals more approximated than the inner bristles of the

middle row, the lower direct beneath the upper. Antennæ of or-

dinary size, blackish, arista distinctly pubescent. Palpi yellow, well

developed, with ordinary bristles. Thorax black; mesopleura bristly,

the bristles equal. Scutellum with two bristles. Abdomen black,

very slightly greyish, somewhat robust. Hypogygium not small,

greyish, produced downwards and thus higher than iong; there are

no hairs or bristles visible; ventral plate yellowish, rounded at the

end, reaching about to the end of the hypogyium ;


anal tube some-

what small, brownish, a little paler at apex, the apical hairs small.

Legs light brownish, hind tibiæ only slightly longer than the two

first tarsal joints, the bristles small. Wings somewhat brownish

tinged, veins brown, the thin veins somewhat strong and the seventh

vein only sligthly finer than the others; costa not reaching to the

middle, 0,47 of the wing-length, costal divisions proportionately as

11— 5— 3; angle at fork somewhat acute; costal cilia long, longer

than usual ; fourth vein evenly curved. Halteres black. Length

1,6— 2 mm.

From superciliata Wood which may have the costa on the

border between short and long the present species is distinguished,

besides by the longer costa, by the unequal supraantennals, black

halteres, not straight searn on hind tibia and larger size.

Holte Vt 1917 (Th. Mortensen), Bogø south of Sealand Vt 1917

and Ry in Jutland ^V? 1918 (the author) ; three males.

13. A. consimilis n. sp. c? ?.

A species near the foregoing but much smaller, with clear

wings and longer hind tibiæ.

Male. Frons greyish black, somewhat broader than long; inner

bristle of lower row in, or nearly in the same height as the outer

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