Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


beyond middle, costal divisions proportionately about as 10— 6 — 3;

fork longish and the angle somewhat acute; costal cilia long; fourth

vein s-like curved at base and thence evenly curved. Halteres

yellow. Length 1,8— 2,2 mm.

Ermelund ^Vo and ^Ve 1919, Ry in Jutland ^V? 1918 (the

author) ; three females. Should the male to this interesting species

turn up it will be known from variabilis by the small bristles on

hind tibiæ.

19. A. fuscipalpis n. sp. c?-

A species similar to pleuralis Wood but with the mesopleural

bristles uniform, another hypopygium and brownish palpi.

Male. Frons black, slightly greyish, broader than long; brist

les strong, inner bristle of lower row placed as high as the outer

and both together with the upper supraantennals placed on a straight

transverse line ; the inner bristles of the lower row about in the

middle between the outer and the upper supraantennal; the supra-

antennals equal, the upper pair more approximated than the inner

bristles of the middle row, the lower direct below the upper.

Antennæ black, arista very distinctly pubescent. Palpi somewhat

large, brown or blackish brown, palest towards the apex, the brist-

les strong. Thorax" black; mesopleura bristly, the bristles uniform.

Scutellum with two bristles. Abdomen black, somewhat greyish,

the hairs at the margin of sixth segment distinct, somewhat long

at the sides. Hypopygium of medium size, higher than long, grey-

ish, at the base above black and shining; on the sides there are

about six not strong bristles in an little oblique vertical line and

a couple of bristles more anteriorly; ventral plate brown or dusky

yellow, large but short, broadly rounded at the end; anal tube

Short, black. Legs blackish, tibiæ, especially the anterior, and tarsi

a little paler; hind femora broad, the hairs below the basal part

distinct though not strong nor long, those towards the apex rather

strong; bristles on hind tibiæ somewhat strong. Wings brownish,

veins brown; costa well to middle, costal divisions proportionately

about as 13— 11 — 4; costal cilia long; fourth vein a little s-like

curved at base and thence nearly straight. Halters yellow. Length

2,3 mm.

Ry in Jutland Vt 1918 (the author); one male.

Vidensk. Medd. fra Dansk naturh. Foren. Bd 71. 2

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