Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


20. A. subpalpalis n. sp. J' ? .

A species near subpleiiralis Wood but with large dusky palpi

and another hypopygium.

Male. Frons black with a slight indication of a gloss, about l^^.^

times as broad as long; bristies strong, inner bristle of lower row

in the same height as the outer and in the middle between it and

the upper supraantennal, these six bristles placed on a nearly

straight transverse line; supraantennals large and equal, the upper

pair more approximated than the inner bristles of the middle row,

the lower equally as distant as the upper. Antennæ black, not

large, arista very distinctly pubescent. Palpi dusky yellow, large,

especially long and prominent, somewhat curved, with strong brist-

les. Thorax black; mesopleura bristly with the bristles uniform.

Scutellum with two bristles. Abdomen robust, black, somewhat

greyish above, the hind margins of the segments indistinctly brown-

ish. Hypopygium small (partly withdrawn), greyish, without bristles,

only with small hairs on the hinder part; ventral plate yellowish,

large and square ; anal tube short, dusky at base with a yellow

apex. Legs blackish brown, the anterior legs paler, the front ones

yellow, only the femora more or less brownish at base, the hind

legs the darkest; front tarsi a little stout; hind femora somewhat

dilated ; hind

tibiæ with distinct, not short but fine bristles. Wings

a little greyish tinged, veins strong, brown, seventh vein consider-

ably finer; costa beyond middle, costal divisions proportionately

about as 17— 10— 7; fork somewhat longish ; costal cilia long but

somewhat moderately; fourth vein a liitle s-like curved at the

base, thence nearly straight. Halteres yellow. — Female. Quite

similar to the male. Length 2, o to nearly 3 mm, the female the


Ry in Jutland ^V? and ^^/7 1918 (the author) ; one male and

two females.

21. A. magnifica n. sp. J* ?.

Male. Frons somewhat broader than long, grey, the anterior

border indeterminately reddish to a higher or lower degree ; brist-

les strong, the inner bristle of the lower row below the outer

and about equally distant from it and from the upper supraanten-

nal; supraantennal bristles equal and strong, placed rather high on

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