Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


hairs; bristles on hind tibiæ rather small but distinct. Wings yel-

lowish, veins yellow or pale brownish ; costa about 0,42 of the

wing-length, costal divisions proportionately about as 11—4— 3;

costal cilia long; fourth vein almost not curved in its first part,

carved upwards towards the end and a little recurved at apex.

Halteres yellow or pale yellow. — - Female. Antennæ somewhat

smaller; abdomen without the characteristical pale colouring; from

the female of halteraia it will be known by the want of dense

hristles on the hinder part of the venter and the longer costa.

Length 1,2— 1,7 mm.

This curious species is not uncommon here, Copenhagen, Erme-

lund, Holte, Tisvilde and Bogø south of Sealand -^/:)— ^^8 in 1917

and 1918 (Th. Mortensen, the author); it is sometimes taken on


32. A. plurispinosa n. sp. (^

Likewise near hallerata but besides by other characters dis-

tinguished by a more bristly hypopygium.

Male. Frons broader than long, greyish black; inner bristle of

lower row a little lower than the outer and equally distant from

it and from the upper supperantennal bristle ; supraantennals small,

unequal, the lower about half as large as the upper; the upper

supraantennals slightly more approximated than the inner bristles

of the middle row, the lower direct beneåth the upper, almost not

nearer together. Antennæ a little above ordinary size, black,

arista very short pubescent. Palpi yellow, of ordinary size and ar-:

mature. Thorax black, slightly shining; mesopleura bare. Scutel-

lum with two bristles. Abdomen somewhat robust, black, with

narrow pale hind margins to the segments; the lateral margins and

the last segment rather hairy : venter

yellowish brown, the hinder

part densely bristly as in halterata. Hypopygium somewhat small,

greyish ; on each side there is an oblique row of four bristles

which are directed downwards. and above and behind them some

smaller hairs decreasing in size upwards; anal tube yellowish,

dusky towards base. Legs light brownish yellow, hind femora

brown at tip, with a few longish hairs below the basal part; brist-

les on hind tibiæ distinct but fine. Wings yellowish, veins brown,

second vein somewhat thick ; costa 0,4o of the wing-length, costal


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