Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


jivisions proportionately about as 11 — 3—3; angle at fork some-

jvhat acute ; costal cilia long; fourth vein almost straight in its first

jart, curved upwards towards the end and a little recurved at apex.

balteres yellow. Length 1,? mm.

'Copenhagen ^Ve 1919 (the author); one male taken on a


33. A. cinerella n. sp. (^

A species near exigua Wood but with dusky palpi, blackish

egs and a shorter costa.

Male. Frons somewhat broader than long, black, slightly grey-

sh : bristles strong, inner bristle of lower row slightly below the

)uter and equally distant from it and from the upper supraantennal;

mpraantennals unequal, the lower pair scarcely half as large as

he upper; the upper supraantennals equally distant with the inner

)ristles of the middle row, the lower more approximated. Antennæ

)f ordinary size, black, arista almost bare. Palpi more or less

lusky to nearly blackish, of ordinary size and armature. Thorax

3lack, very slightly shining; mesopleura bare. Scutellum with two

3ristles. Abdomen black, distinctly greyish tinged. Hypopygium

small, greyish, only with short hairs; ventral plate indistinguish-

ible ; anal tube small, brownish or dusky yellow with a yellow

ipex. Legs blackish or blackish brown ; hind femora with some

jparse longish hairs below on the basal part; hind tibiæ with dis-

:inct but small bristles. Wings nearly clear or very slightly yel-

owish, veins brown to blackish brown : costa 0,36 of Ihe wing-length,

:ostal divisions proportionately about as 11 — 3^ s— 3; costal cilia

iong but not specially long; fourth vein evenly curved especially

at both ends. Halteres yellow. Length 1,4 — 1,? mm.

Holte ^Ve— ^-/8 1918 (Th. Mortensen) ; a number of specimens,

all males.

34. A. laeta n. sp. c^

A species near the foregoing but with yellow legs and quite

another shape of the hypopygium.

Male. Frons considerably broader than long, greyish; bristles

strong, inner bristle of lower row slightly below the outer and

slightly nearer to it than to the upper supraantennal; supraanten-



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